Yoho National Park

The Canadian province of British Columbia is home to Yoho National Park. He is one of the currently 43 Canadian Protected areas. The Rocky Mountains line the area, which extends over an area of ​​1,313 square kilometers. This makes Yoho National Park one of the smaller ones National parks of the country. Banff National Park and Kootenay National Park
are in the immediate vicinity. The best way to get to Yoho National Park is via the Trans Canada Highway No. 1. This runs between Golden and Lake Louise. Monuments of Yoho National Park The Kicking Horse River is particularly worth seeing. A natural bridge crosses this river. The 254 meter high impressive waterfalls are further sights that visitors to the park should not miss. The only village in Yoho National Park is Field

. About 300 people live here.
The deposit of fossils from the Middle Cambrian period is also particularly important for the region. This find area lies in a northeast direction from Field, between the mountains Mount Field and Mount Wapta. The formation is known as the Burgess Shale. Emerald Lake
is an absolute natural spectacle. This is fed by glacier water. This contains rock flour, which gives the lake its extraordinary color.

Landscapes of Yoho National Park

The water landscapes of the national park are rich and impressive. Here you can find a visual interplay of ice lakes, crystal-clear mountain lakes, waterfalls and glaciers.
By the way, Yoho simply means “oh” in the language of the Cree, and is supposed to express the astonished sight of this beautiful landscape. Anyone who explores the park area knows why. These impressive natural landscapes, criss-crossed by huge glaciers and impressive mountains, amaze everyone. You can also find fossil formations of marine animals which are around 515 mil. Years old.

Free time in Yoho National Park

Yoho National Park is ideal as a hiking area. That is why half-day tours and camping tours are also offered by the park management. These are guided hikes through the wilderness of the park, which give the hiking group a lasting impression of the beauty of the region. The focus of these guided hiking and discovery tours is on the nature and culture of the region. So the visitor gets an insight into the First Nation cultures, which lived here thousands of years ago.
But you can not only go hiking here. Also Cycling is very popular. But whitewater rafting tours and canoeing are particularly popular. Various routes for kayaking are also on offer here. However, most of the routes are not suitable for beginners due to the current and incline.

Those who prefer to see the water from a distance should visit the huge waterfalls. Here hiking trails also lead directly past the impressive, tumbling water masses.
In addition to hiking, water sports and mountain biking, fishing licenses are also issued here in the park. So every hobby angler can try his luck. Even skiing is possible here. Backpacking tours and wildlife watching, where you can observe and experience the splendor of nature, are also very popular.

Yoho National Park