Xiaomi MI 5S Plus: The Twin Of The Iphone 7 Plus In The Practice Test

Test verdict: What you should know

With the MI 5S plus Xiaomi has consistently developed its top model MI 5 and raised it with the plus version of the bigger Phablet. The total package convinced: sharp screen without additional bells and whistles here, technology from the powerful upper class there and then would have the good camera double with additional black and white lens. With a retail price from 312 euros is Xiaomi MI 5 S, plus an alternative compared to the much more expensive competition. But there’s a catch: the Smartphone in Germany is officially not to get just about the somewhat cumbersome import way. Per sharp full-HD display, stylish design and high-quality processing good dual camera considerably cheaper than upper-class rivals against German and Google playstore not installed no LTE volume 20 contained in Germany only by importing available assessment of editorial Xiaomi here, Xiaomi there is good the cult brand from the far East currently on everyone’s lips. Last, the Chinese with the MI advertised as virtually frameless Smartphone provided mix for headlines. This is Max of course not to confuse with the MI and certainly not with the Redmi Pro, the Redmi 4 or the MI note 2. Who made vacation from the hustle and bustle of mobile lately, lose track at Xiaomis rapid publishing pace completely. The man is not lost at the MI mix after all: with a display frame ratio of 91 percent shows China’s number 1 in the dense jungle of Smartphone mobile’s boyfriend in the future would look like. But that’s still pie in the sky at least for the moment. Presence is, however, plus the new Xiaomi MI 5 S. Who circle already tap the back button can be whether the bulky sounding name, should stand firm. The practice test reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the favourable flagship.

Xiaomi MI 5S plus: Chinese iphone twin

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Technology: Power to drop

There is technology from the upper class for equivalent fair 313 euros (2,300 yuan). It houses a Snapdragon 821, Qualcomm’s current high end processor in the height and width established successor of the popular Xiaomi MI 5. The four cores on high-performance trimmed cycles with maximum 2.35 GHz. The user in the system that is optimized for Android Marshmallow (6.0.1) is accordingly afloat on the road, delays are noticeable in the menus nor playing. In the benchmark tests the force team but can work out, no competitive advantage from Samsung (Exynos 8890) and Huawei (Kirin 960). Geekbench 4 (1.823 single – and multi-core 4,296 points) and Antutu (122.464 points) show that the MI plays with 5s plus in the great concert, but only as part of the Orchestra.

Memory: without microsd tray

The memory, however, differs in the two trim levels: the more affordable version for normal needs perfectly adequate 4 gigabytes (GB) of RAM and 64 GB internal memory comes with out, while more upscale model (equivalent of 355 euros) is based on memory and double memory to 6 GB. Who dares to import from China, should better buy the more expensive Variant. A memory expansion is not possible through the missing microsd compartment. Greetings from Apple’s high-priced iphone policy. Welcome users may also the novel C USB, the usual Jack and the usual connection and transmission standards LTE and Bluetooth 4.2 with the exception of NFC and the in this country so important LTE volume 20, but more at the end of the article.

Design: Looks… As an iphone!


The noble technology is hidden in a no less high-quality aluminium robe that inevitably reminds one of the iphone 7 plus by Apple. The back is made of metal, which makes a chic impression with the accent cut and polished to a high gloss. An as usual from the iphone, matt surface would have possibly had deductions in the optics B-score result, made the anchormen tail but also handy. So the user always with the consciousness runs around that could glitschen MI 5S plus from your fingers. Xiaomi recognises this danger apparently and simply puts a protective cover in which in turn with a protective film (!) Is oversight. A visually good solution: The antenna lines are almost invisible, two plastic plates in aluminium-look cover the necessary fraction. The different material is negative in closer touch, the covers are noticeably matter. Thing is getting used to! Front looks plus the China phone, however, made as a twin of the iphone 7. In addition, the large frame reinforces the impression. No, an almost frameless design was truly no manufacturer’s specifications for the S version of the MI 5. It remains Wed guess mix reserved.


Display: Large, but no quality giant


The 5.7-inch screen Xiaomi is more modest ways. Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) instead of an opulent and power fressendem QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels), IPS – instead of expensive AMOLED Panel. The quality does still hardly a crash. The image sharpness is with 386 ppi (pixels per inch) at the good level of the iphone 7 plus (401 ppi) and goes for the screen size still in order. Also the colors and generous viewing angle stability not frontal views of the display are in order. Savings can be visible to the naked eye, yet recognize: the contrast and the brightness of the screen just might for a walk under Flash Sun higher but somewhere must be the comparatively cheap price once expressed.

Camera: Double fine


Almost inconspicuous on the back of the dual camera is hidden, that plus represents the largest feature of the MI 5 S at the same time. Two 13-megapixel lenses squeeze in a confined space over the perfectly functioning fingerprint sensor and next to the dual LED flash. Are two lenses about the new trend? According to Huawei, LG, Apple & co. Has the snap-doubling in the affordable Xiaomi dimensions arrived. This use of the Chinese on the camera concept of Huawei’s P9 and mate 9. A lens (RGB) absorbs images used in color, the second (monochrome) exclusively in black and white and shades of gray. An advantage in addition to witty photos: better black values when shooting in dark environments. In the practice test real differences to a lenses competition are but with a magnifying glass. Where that is already in use, a closer look at the quality of the snapshots is worth: Judging by the price Xiaomis can keep up with S-class to the middle class budget well here with the upper class. The photos are just as sharp as colorful, but suffer from noise when taking a closer look. Similar can be said about the video recordings that are with the 4 k resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) on amount of time.

Xiaomi Mi5 in the practice test: cheap flagship with top technology

Xiaomi MI 5S plus: price and availability


That MI 5S plus can be ordered in three colors: gold, silver and grey. A Germany-start with custom prices is (still) extremely unlikely when Xiaomis of current strategy. However send some China merchants (including the CECT store, trading Shenzhen & co.) The plus model to Germany. On the retail price and the shipping costs still customs duties and import VAT will be added. Then some patience is needed when shipping: the test device provided by the CECT store needed more than a week, other traders need the often much longer after shipping.

Overview: The best smartphones

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Digression: Xiaomi goes on holiday


In China Xiaomi is now 1st place in the lucrative Smartphone business Huawei is even ahead of the emerging giant China. In the mother country of technology production, the unusual range of products from smart scales, power banks, Segways, tablets and Smartphones enjoys already cult status. The simple recipe: Xiaomi combines inexpensive technology with stylish design. With India, there is a second large market Xiaomi has discovered for themselves or even vice versa. The lucrative position in the two largest countries on Earth leads to long to ignore Chinese Europe and the United States. With first sales in the United States and Poland seems slow to change their mind when Xiaomi. That’s it!


Smartphones, notebooks & co.: Top technology from China

Problems: Is outside Germany


That brings to users in Germany several problems: the installed transmitter and receiver is not intended for the European network. So for example, the for O2 and Vodafone customers as well as the LTE predominantly used in rural areas lacks volume 20 (800 megahertz frequency) complete. To each track is missing from Google, which otherwise on any Smartphone in Germany with Gmail, youtube & co. is omnipresent. Instead, the user must install the play store using an APK itself. But caution, in the APK Cockaigne Frolics much malware with virus threat itself. Look only at large and comparatively trusted providers such as apkmirror.com. However, the biggest limitation is the language barrier: delivery is not installed. Only Chinese and English are available. In theory, you can work around this problem with the global version of the operating system. In theory mind you. That is usable in practice only on detours. Either you order right at the China shops (including the CECT store offers) a version with the customized software and most of the time without additional cost. Or they must register through the Chinese forum and request an activation at Xiaomi. The processing time is then between 10 and 31 days if the request not before disappearing into the digital nirvana. The procedure sounds like mists technology: Xiaomi developers manually check every request and assign permission depending on your activity in the community of Xiaomi. Unfortunately, most of the buyers at zero start and may arrange a thus back in the virtual waiting list. Also, the installation is connected everything else than easy and with some risks. Error or damage can affect the functioning of the unit at any time and permanently.