Windows 10: Police Opts For Surface-Tablets

If it rattles on German roads, whip out the police spot for typically Notepad and camera, to capture what is happening not necessarily timely. That thought probably also responsible in the Saarland, and set sail towards the future. In cooperation with Microsoft, the Saarland police tests the use of smartphones and tablets on the basis of Windows 10 for accident recording an official press release that since September. Target of digitization: the workload should be reduced, reduce susceptibility to errors. A manual transmission of hand-recorded data in the digital policing system is eliminated.


More time, fewer errors

The data fed into the mobile land thanks to digital transmission on direct way in the database of the police. This not only saves time, it prevents even careless mistakes of the manual transcription of data. The plan seems to be working: the German Research Center for artificial intelligence has carried out initial evaluations. Therefore already now occasionally save time in the double-digit percentage range officials. The police increased presence on the streets, as well as in accident prevention will redirect the newfound capacity.

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Surface 3 and Lumia 950

In terms of hardware, the Saarland guardians of the law put on the Tablet Microsoft surface 3 and on the Smartphone Microsoft Lumia 950 and the Phablet elite x 3 HP. The virtual version of the required police Forms provides the IT service provider Icomedias, with the software hybridforms. If and when the digitized accident recording in other regions is used, is unclear. The current test run should prove in the long term to be effective, it should be only a matter of time until officials nationwide einmotten the Notepad and the old digital camera.