Whatsapp: a Data Exchange in the UK Kinks Facebook Stopped

After Facebook 2014 still had promised would be at the whatsapp purchase not be merged data from users of both services, saw that changed the transfer of user data on Facebook terms of use in August 2016 whatsapp above. Privacy advocates of many countries sharply criticized the change and put pressure on the Internet giant. Reported Facebook has given now, at least in the United Kingdom such as Reuters and stops sending there whatsapp user data to the parent company.

Victory for British data protection

The head of the UK data protection authority of ICO, Elizabeth Denham, was pleased about the data stop and consequences for the case announced that Facebook can’t stand on the new agreement. Only a few weeks ago, also Hamburg’s data protection officer Johannes Caspar Facebook had harshly criticized and prohibited the social network to collect data from German whatsapp users and save. Facebook denied the injunction and filed a request for suspension of the immediate enforceability of the arrangement.

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The EU turns

Also the data protection in the European Union have announced further steps. They told Facebook that they have strong concerns about the data exchange between whatsapp and Facebook and announced an investigation. Longtime user would have no chance against the terms of service objection to raise.

Constructive cooperation?

Whatsapp volunteered in an official statement to Word. You wanted constructively cooperate with the appointed privacy advocates and respect the relevant laws. It remains however to be seen how evolves in the coming months of dispute over the terms. In Germany alone, over 35 million users use the Messenger service.

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