What is a Campsite?

What is a campsite? Most people have probably heard of camping but what is the exact definition? There are several ways to stay at a campsite. It is common to live in your own caravan or tent, but many campsites also offer accommodation in cabins that nowadays can be fully equipped with private bathroom, large kitchen with fridge and freezer, several rooms and standard as in any other holiday home. Camping can be done completely out in nature, as long as you follow the right of public access. It can also be considered camping, but it is not a campsite for that. A campsite is a place where you can set up a tent, caravan or even a car for a fee and then get to take part in the campsite’s facilities plus a certain sense of security that an organized campsite offers.


A campsite usually offers several facilities. Regardless of the type of housing, you can usually pay for access to electricity and clean water. There are usually showers and toilets in one or more houses on the campsite, common to the residents. Sometimes there are also simpler hobs for cooking if you do not have this option in the caravan, tent or cottage, if it is a simpler variant. There is also space to wash dishes with water and sink. For a small fee, you can often also wash clothes so that the holiday package does not have to be so large. Waste stations with waste sorting are also offered at the campsite so that you can holiday close to nature without a guilty conscience considering the environment.

For the whole family

According to IAMHIGHER, nature is usually the main reason why a campsite is located where it is located. Often there is a beach, a beautiful lake, mountains or large forests near the campsite. There is the opportunity for fantastic outdoor experiences for both big and hard. But sometimes the weather may be dull with rain and wind, or you want to take a break from outdoor life for a while. Then the campsites can usually offer a lot of other things, especially for families. Ping pong table, boules court, playroom, cinema, mini golf, playground and even swimming pool are becoming more common on campsites that want to attract guests and make them feel a little extra.

Sometimes you can also rent bikes, canoes or the like to get around and explore the surroundings. Administration of rentals, lending of ping pong rackets and general information about the campsite can usually be obtained at the campsite’s reception. This is usually supplemented with a small kiosk and shop where you can buy the essentials such as hygiene items, perhaps simpler breakfast ingredients and of course snacks, drinks and ice cream.


In recent years, a special form of camping has begun to be offered at some campsites. There is a more luxurious form of camping with nicer tents, regular, real beds and more service, e.g. that you can order food for the tent etc. A light variant of tent accommodation for those who want to try camping life but are perhaps a little too comfortable to take the step fully to sleeping bags, sleeping pads, trangia kitchens and damp old tents that have seen their best days. Glamping simply!

A campsite offers something for all tastes!

What is a campsite