Waterton Lakes National Park

The Waterton Lakes National Park is located in the south of the Canadian province of Alberta. It was founded in 1895. The park got its name from the three lakes located there: the Waterton Lakes. In 1979 the area was declared a biosphere reserve. It borders directly on his American neighbors, Glacier National Park. Of the park extends over a total area of ​​525 square kilometers. The highest mountain in Waterton Lakes National Park is Mount Blakiston at 2,920 meters. In 1995, UNESCO declared Waterton Lakes National Park a World Heritage Site.

Things to know about Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park has a calm and relaxed atmosphere. The park has beautiful landscapes and is still hardly overcrowded, even in the high season of the summer months. As a visitor, you always have the opportunity to enjoy the silence and the beauty of nature in the high mountains. There are many lakes between the mountain ranges. They were mostly formed by the forces of the Ice Age and have been preserved to this day.

This very special mixture of unusual geology and the mild climate creates a lush habitat for a rich and diverse fauna. The Glacier National Park in Montana, together with the Waterton Lakes National Park, has formed the Waterton-Glacier-International Peace Park since 1932.

Tourist in Waterton Lakes National Park

The tourist center is located in Waterton Townsite. Waterton is a small town in the heart of the park and surrounded by the three Waterton Lakes. The hype that prevails in the other national parks has not yet arrived here. The place as well as the entire national park is an absolute insider tip.
There is still a real saloon in Waterton. Here you can talk to the people who live here. Incidentally, exactly 325 people live in the city. One can see a herd of deer on the streets. Because the animals are not at all shy here, the geranium boxes in front of the windows were protected from the voracious mouths with wire grids.

Anyone visiting Waterton Lakes National Park should heed the tip and drive on the main road from Waterton Townsite. Here you can find everything that delights the natural heart. Views of canyons, mountain ranges, and the Blackston River campground are easiest to reach by this route.

A bison herd enclosure can be found at the northern end of the area. If you want to travel to the seaside, you can do so by means of a ferry.
There are various routes available for hiking enthusiasts, on which some meters in altitude have to be overcome. A few more simply equipped campsites have been created for overnight stays. The lakes are hardly recommended for swimming, because ice floes still swim in the water here even in midsummer. Nevertheless, the tourists can enjoy nature and observe a lot of animals.
The rather cozy national park is slowly growing in popularity, but it will take a while until the tourist interest, as in other parks, arrives here. Until then, you can dream to yourself on the sometimes lonely paths and feel the pulse of nature.

Waterton Lakes National Park