Wang Meets Reuters: There Will Be No Extinction for HTC in 2016

Cats will have seven lives, but the manufacturers of mobile phones do not walk short of survival when the environment is increasingly competitive. And less if we are talking about people who have managed to get high and know what is to be one of the greats, like the case of HTC, whose crashing down from the past glories we haven’t stopped talking about this year. But that doesn’t mean that the Taiwanese would surrender.

Who starred in this time the throat-clearing to remind the persistence of the company is its CEO, Cher Wang, who a week ago just claimed that HTC would not disappear and that it would still have presence in the market, as collected in Focus Taiwan. This is not a statement of rigor, but a response to one of many publications with bad omens for the brand.

This time it’s the prediction that Robyn Mak published on Reuters Breakingnews and we know by the Taiwanese media. As we read in his column, HTC will be one of the brands that suffer the consequences of artificial selection in the saturated mobile market succumbing to extinction in 2016 and giving way to the more powerful.

It is not the oven for rolls

Mak said that the growth of the Smartphone market has fallen being approximately 10% this year, something that a few weeks ago saw the hand of IDC. A fact that was below the last forecast of analysts, who in fact foresee the decline in growth will continue in successive years.

Companies with losses, from HTC to Sony, will be forced to admit that they have lost the game

For that reason, Wang has been in defence both your company and the market of mobile phones in general, affirming that he is expected to continue growing in compass with the evolution of technology and emphasizing his faith in the potential of this market and development. Ensures that in HTC, they are very well prepared for this competition, clarifying the launch of more top.

Déjà vu Taiwanese

If the company is faithful to its agenda, is increasingly less so we know its flagship proposal for next year hoping to see the HTC One M10 during MWC next month of February. A release that hope made the gap between high-end who lost years ago not to mention his intention to focus on the middle and lower ranges, as well as other sectors such as the virtual reality or its collaboration with Under Armour environment to the launch of smart bracelets.

This occurs from face to face with the pessimism of Mak environment to the figures that we have been knowing this year. Some numbers have not been good either in sales or in terms of the value of the company and of its shares and that is hard to believe to improve if the company does not give some spin regarding its strategy or its releases, improving the approach to demand.

Although Wang statements are not per is a statement regarding the future plans of the company since it does not give details in this regard, represents at least certain Declaration of intent. Something that is not surprising because of the content, since it is logical from the company show confidence, but because after presenting their latest results the company announced there would be no further statements about their future plans, something that was interpreted as a striking sign of weakness.

We will see how are their latest releases and if the top of range effectively to be competent, unlike the One M9 (than this year) whose end result is very far from this.