User: Kurio-Tablet Is a Disaster

Kurio 7 inch tablet for children, according to one of our users is a pure disaster.

Kurio 7 inch tablet is an Android tablet designed specifically for children. Kurio is a low-cost tablet, which among other things is negotiated via our site and has a price of 1,495 dollars.

Kurio advertising that their 7 inch tablet comes with Android 4.0 and preinstalled games, such as our site. Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja etc.

Kurio World reported that at there are additional 100 educational games that can be downloaded via Kurio Large – that is, not via Google Play, as other tablets.

On Kurio 7 is it possible to create a parent account, from which multiple child accounts can be managed. There may be restrictions on what children can visit Web pages, just as there may be a time limit for each account, so the kids can only play a certain piece of time per day.

One of our site’s readers have tried it with Kurio 7 and call it a disaster.

Stefan Granholm who has his own computer company, has bought and tried Kurio 7. He seems the Setup seems unmanageable, and especially the difference between adult and child accounts can be difficult to see through.

In connection with the start-up of Kurio 7, was Stefan have to undergo several updates. When he finally came through and would install more games than the pre-installed, it turned out that Kurio Large was very slow and almost impossible to deal with. He saw among other incomprehensible error messages and lost internet connection.

Stephen’s appeal to others who intend to purchase a tablet is: buy a decent Android tablet and don’t forget Kurio 7.

Stefan also believe it is an error that you cannot download applications via Google Play. It must be said, however, that in the sales literature is informed that new applications can be downloaded via Kurio Store.

There is, therefore, not promised access to Google Play, although many may want to take it as a matter of course, when there is talk about an Android tablet.

Do you have experience with Kurio 7, then we hear about it in the comments box below.

We have previously written about Kurio 7 on our site – read also: child-friendly tablet ready for the Danish market.