Travel to Vilnius

Many people who want to explore the eastern parts of Europe, often think of cities like Prague, Budapest or Moscow. But there are many grains of gold that most have not yet noticed. Vilnius in Lithuania is one such example.

Vilnius – an affordable journey of discovery

Dear children have many names and this also applies to Lithuania’s largest city Vilnius, also called Vilna and Vilnia from the river that flows through the city of the same name.┬áThe city of Vilnius, which is estimated to be about 700 years old, is located in the southeastern part of Lithuania, located where the two rivers Vilnia and Neris are connected.

According to ACEINLAND,there are many unknown and well-known places to visit that unfortunately have not received the publicity they deserve. Lithuania and the other Baltic countries are also very affordable tourist destinations while avoiding crowds with other visitors from all corners of the world and thus get more opportunities to connect with the city’s inhabitants.

The inhabitants of Vilnius

More than 600,000 inhabitants live here, which is a main mix of Lithuanians, Poles, Belarusians, Russians, Ukrainians and a small group of Jews. Vilnius has long been a famous city of architecture and if you are lucky enough to come here, it may be an idea to go and look at the over 40 churches that the city has established during centuries. In Vilnius you also meet a large proportion of students as the city has two famous universities: Vilnius University and Mykolas Romeris University where you can study law and social sciences etc.

To see and do in Vilnius

As the city is a typical medieval city in the southern European spirit, the main buildings have been built around the town hall and then continued to expand. Here you can e.g. view the city’s main street Pilies gatve which stretches a long way through the city’s sights. There you can shop in larger store chains such as Marks & Spencer and if you want to check out the slightly more eccentric shops or restaurants, you can turn into the alleys in the city center which has many fun and unexpected things to both put your teeth into and buy with home as a memory.

Eating in Vilnius is also very cheap, while you will definitely satisfy your hunger and thirst with typical domestic food or other dishes characterized by different characters.

The Old Town of Vilnius is also a very famous district and is considered one of the largest and most historic places in Europe where culture, architecture and mystery flow together. The time from the Soviet Union is also reminded a lot. In Vilnius you can enjoy both Gothic architecture, the Renaissance and a number of other styles that adorn both the facades and the interiors. The best way to get here is on foot and you can do that when you explore the rest of the city as well. If you take a taxi, you should settle the price in advance. Otherwise, there are also city buses to get around with.


Just as the Vatican is its own small town within the city, so is Uzupio. This little artist mecca has both its own national day (April 1), constitution and four own flags and lots of exciting things to rest your eyes on.

If you want quiet serenity and take the step fully to get excited about this relatively anonymous city, you can easily take the flight there in 2 hours. It does not take longer.

Travel to Vilnius