They Manage to Root The Nexus 7, Unlock The Bootloader and Install ClockworkMod

It has yet to sell, although a few fortunate 6000 were lucky enough to be with him during the Google I/O, but that has not been an impediment to get the hands on Nexus 7 and gutting the software to take full advantage. Only been a few days but already the root has been and install a recovery on the Tablet.

All devices of the family Nexus have always been characterized by being quite friendly when it comes to obtain Administrator permissions and can mess with them flashing other ROMs or run applications that require authorization in the system and the Nexus 7 is no exception.

In fact, the process is quite simple Although we are sure that in the next few days will be an application that convert much of the task in a couple of clicks of the mouse. At the moment, as explained in Rootzwiki, the process does not have special complexity, although it is useful to have some basic notions:

The first thing we need is unlock the bootloader from the terminal (previously we need to have the Android SDK installed) and then Flash the recovery image. Done this only have to make sure to make permanent the ClockworkMod and then Flash this file from the recovery.

While we hope that it goes on sale, and Google confirm its arrival to Spain, at the moment little we can do except use an application like Titanium Backup to backup. Over time will be coming first ROMs parallel to the version of stock for the time being, in this case, touch wait.