The HTC One X 9 Back to Hover before Its Official Launch at a Video

Few days ago reached us a few leaked photos that would be the HTC One X 9, the upcoming release of the Taiwanese company. Shortly after Yes was the company which published a kind of ad, although it was rather a teaser that has something in the oven that is about to leave, without specifying any name or model. What comes now is a video in which we see running terminal.

The dose of seepage from the HTC One X 9 already makes us have a very close idea What will be the terminal, not only physically but in terms of performance. In this case it’s a hands-on or contact that comes from iMobile through the well known French leaks Nowhereelse.

In the front that we could already see in Photo Gallery leaked also recently on the terminal in which we saw in great detail can be seen. In the minute and little lasting the user opens and closes some applications showing that It is running normally.

The absence of surprises award

Although the video is short and even grab the terminal to show him how Yes we see in other occasions, the volume of so-called graphic and written information that is coming to us from the HTC One X 9 is quite considerable. In fact recently we published what would be his full sheet almost to lack of know some details.

According to the teaser for the company and seeing that the information speak a 13-megapixel camera, possibly Yes is the announcement of this terminal which would also have optical stabilizer and RAW support. The camera would therefore be one of the strong points to highlight Although in the video we have not seen it working, and indeed what is appreciated is a slight delay when you open the application. In this sense, the photos also seeping iMobile we see more images of the terminal and a comparison of photographs.

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Despite this intention of advertisement do not know even what date will choose HTC to introduce this terminal, but yes starts to predict its price. According to iMobile in China selling price would be around 2,000 yuan, equivalent to about 284 euros. In this way it would be below the HTC One A9, whose retail price in China is 2,799 Yuan (380 euros). Should not be much so are confirmed (or not) this information.