The Future of The Alliance BlackBerry-Android: BlackBerry Priv Is Only The First Step

Without a doubt, the last terminal of BlackBerry has been one of the surprises of this year to represent the union of two large mobile market forces (at least at the time) and may be the realization of the wishes of many users. We have already seen that the BlackBerry Priv It was well received in his outing, and today from the company They confirm that there will be new BlackBerry Android devices.

On this occasion the PocketNow collected statements of Nader Henein, regional adviser for advanced security of BlackBerry, which literally claims the BlackBerry Priv will not be something exceptional. Something that dropped John Chen in an interview on Fox Business, stating that “there is large assortment of products after this”.

Given the trajectory of the Canadian company in recent years this agreement is seen as a boost for it and even as a salvation. But Henein goes a little further and It explains the beneficial which is the Alliance for both companies, giving weight to the Google approach to BlackBerry and see the reciprocity of the agreement.

With greater or lesser success, (Android) has been accused for years of not providing sufficient security and privacy control. And allowing the BlackBerry brand in this sense is a big step for the Android ecosystem.

A break for BB10 and nothing more than that

The launch of products with Android It’s a complementary and not alternative strategy, or at least that is what they suggest for the time being from BlackBerry. That is why Nader Henein matice it is for products with the same quality that up to the moment, not concerned to a definitive transition to software to be included in its products hereinafter.

This is why that facing the future products of the company resulting from the partnership with Google will follow the same strategy as with the BlackBerry Priv, without having more changes. In other words, a product made under the premises of BlackBerry whose number of potential clients is much greater.

You can’t be “all” for everyone, or you must try. That is a formula for failure

What lies ahead

With the BlackBerry Priv had a barrage of leaks, especially while approaching its launch viewing even videos how worked this vitaminized Android with some functions of BB10. For the moment not the case with the BlackBerry Vienna, the codename is known that aims to be the next hybrid, and that by now we know rather little more than its design lines.

In terms of specifications, it is rumored that something will be more basic than the Priv, as it would also be their price (something that also point topped headlines in the case of this and not to be adjusted). It will apparently keep the physical QWERTY keyboard and will incorporate a panel of about 5 inches with one resolution less than its predecessor.

Of this we continue without official confirmation or dates, but taking into account the agenda for the coming months could be the possibility of the Canadian company to complement its presence at MWC in 2016 with its presentation. Follow attentive to new data with respect to this and the following products of collaboration between Google and BlackBerry.