Swedish Hotels

Swedish hotels themselves are very high class and there are lots of good things that in Sweden are standard in hotels that may not be standard abroad.

Of course, there are also cases where the standard is lower, but by and large the standard is high.
Everyone in the hotels is super friendly, and that it is not exactly that tourist friendliness that it may be abroad to get tips and so on.

Tips on good hotel chains in Sweden

  • Elite hotel
  • Scandic
  • Crystal plaza

According to THEFREEGEOGRAPHY, Elite Hotel is a very large hotel chain and you will find it around the country. The hotel would be considered normal and is not overly expensive to stay at.

Scandic is also a very large and well-known hotel. The price is very good and worth it and the service is usually very good there.

Crystal plaza is a smaller hotel in Stockholm which is very nice and has a very good view, the rooms cost more but the standard is higher than in the above hotels.

Normally, most people would say that Swedes are very withdrawn and quiet, but in the hotel industry, nothing is really noticeable.

Food quality in hotels

The food is usually made from very good ingredients and is of high quality.
The chefs are very well trained and know their stuff.
Hotels usually offer breakfast as well as lunch and even dinner.

Locations in hotels

The hotels themselves are usually very well located. If you want a hotel in the city, there is, but even if you want a hotel in the country, there is usually a “bed and breakfest”, it is more like a hostel but could also be called a hotel.
There is an overnight stay and breakfast and can usually be a little lower quality.
You usually get a room in someone’s house and spend the night there over a weekend or day.


In Sweden, there are so-called hostels that are cheaper than hotels.
The quality is simpler and you can also live there with several people you do not know.
No food is usually served there and people are usually able to stay longer in hostels.
The friendliness of the staff can usually be low but can vary.

Business travel

Usually there are very good opportunities in the hotels for conferences, so if you are traveling with work you can have meetings at the hotel itself, which is a very good opportunity.
There are usually also relaxation departments, which can be nice after a long meeting with work.


Wifi is a matter of course in Sweden, which you usually do not have to pay for but is included in the hotel.
Then you can also work from the room, blog, surf and do basically what you want.


They tend to be of a high standard for Swedish cleaning staff. If you do not want to have cleaned, they respect that, which can be the case if you are outside the Swedish borders. This is an important part of a high standard and is probably a big part of the Swedish hotels maintaining a very high standard.


There are usually bars and the opportunity to have a drink in the hotels after an intense work day or just have fun with their colleagues, friends.

Swedish hotels