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    Pierre: (capital) 44º 22′ N, 100º 21′ W
    Sioux Falls: (largest city) 43º 33′ N, 96º 42′ W
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South Dakota is positioned in both the northern and western hemispheres. Located in the Central North (or Midwest region) of the United States of America – part of North America – South Dakota is bordered by the states of Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa. Nebraska.

South Dakota is a US state in the West North Central States group. Area 199.9 thousand square kilometers, population 796 thousand people (2007). The administrative center is Pierre. Major cities: Rapid City, Siox Falls, Aberdeen. South Dakota borders North Dakota to the north, Minnesota and Iowa to the east, Nebraska to the south, and Wyoming and Montana to the west. See counties in South Dakota.

The western part of the state is located on the Great Plains. In the center, from north to south, the Missouri River flows in a canyon 90-150 m deep. Chernozem prairies stretch to the east of it. Badlands (southwestern part of Dakota) – a plateau cut by deep ravines and valleys as a result of wind and rain erosion, located east of the Black Hills mountain region. The highest point of the Black Hills is Harney (2207 m). The climate is continental.

The most developed is agriculture, including beef cattle breeding, wool production, the state occupies one of the first places in the production of wheat, rye, flax, sunflower, corn, and forage grasses are also grown here.

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Large hydroelectric power plants on the Missouri River (export of electricity to other states), thermal power plants. Homestake, the largest gold mine in the United States, is located in the Black Hills. Stone, sand, gravel are also mined here, cement is produced. Undeveloped mineral reserves (lignite, uranium). Timber (Black Hills pine forests). Food industry, agricultural and construction engineering, printing industry. Meat processing and woodworking industry. Thanks to its famous national parks, the state is a major tourist destination. The state is home to federal military bases, including Ellsworth Air Force Base. University of South Dakota and University of South Dakota.

The territory of South Dakota, before the advent of the first Europeans, was inhabited by the Arikara and Sioux Indians. In the middle of the 18th century, French travelers appeared here. In 1743, the local lands became part of the French territory of Louisiana. In 1803, all of Louisiana, including present-day South Dakota, became part of the United States (after the Louisiana Purchase). The first American settlement was established in 1817 at Fort Pyrrhus. In 1874, gold was found in the Black Hills. The mass settlement of the lands began. It was accompanied by numerous conflicts with the Indians. In 1877, the Sioux Indians, dissatisfied with the arrival of the colonists, defeated the troops of General Custer. In 1889 South Dakota became the 40th US state. The name of the state was given by the name of one of the Indian tribes. In 1890, a new Indian uprising took place, which ended with the mass extermination of Indians near the village of Wunden Knee. Until the middle of the 20th century, the state’s economy almost did not develop (crisis, Great Depression, dust storms). After World War II, the state developed a diversified beef cattle breeding, the production of rye, wheat, corn, flax, sunflower, and timber. Reservations are preserved (about 10% of the population are Indians). Among the attractions: Badlands National Park , Mount Rushmore Memorial – a granite rock in the Black Hills, on which the sculptor G. Borglum carved profiles (each about 20 m high) of four US presidents – J. Washington, T. Jefferson, A. Lincoln, T. Roosevelt.

State of South Dakota