State of California

California Geostatistics

  • Land area :
    (land) 155,959 sq. miles
    (water) 7,734 sq. miles
    (TOTAL) 163,693 sq. miles
  • Land area: (all states)
  • Horizontal Width: 354 miles
  • Vertical Length: 779 miles Note: Maximum lengths and widths are point to point, straight line measurements from the Mercator map projection and will vary some usage of other map projections
  • Border States: (3) Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona
  • Districts: (58) map
  • County: (largest in population) Los Angeles, 9,519,338
  • Geographic Center: Approximately 39 miles east of Madera, in the district of Madera
  • Highest Point : Whitney, 14,494 ft.
  • Lowest Point: in California, and in all of the United States, is in Death Valley, (-282 ft.)
  • Latitude and longitude
  • Average Elevation: (average)2,912 ft.

California Lat / long


  • Latitude/Longitude (Absolute Locations)
    Sacramento: (capital city) 38º 34′ N, 121º 29′ W
    San Francisco: 37° 46′ N, 122° 25′ W
    Los Angeles: (largest city) 34º 03′ N, 118º 14’W
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California is positioned in both the northern and western hemispheres. Located in the western region of the United States of America – part of North America – California is bordered by the states of Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona ; the country of Mexico, and the Pacific Ocean.

California is a US state on the west coast of the country, off the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The area is 423.9 thousand km 2. Population 35.58 million (2020). The administrative center is Sacramento. Largest cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Anaheim, Fresno, Santa ANA, Riverside, Torrance. See counties in California.

History reference

In 1542, the Spanish navigator Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo discovered San Diego Bay and named the northern part of the territory Upper California. In 1581, the Englishman Francis Drake reached the shores of northern California. The first settlement was founded in 1769 (Mission Alta California in the San Diego area – the first founded by the Franciscan friar Junipero Serra).

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The Russians founded Fort Ross in California in 1812 and maintained their influence in the north until 1841. California became a Mexican province in 1821. In 1837, the Mexican government granted California autonomy. In 1846, the United States declared war on Mexico, a year later they took possession of California, the territory was declared an independent “Republic of the Bear Flag”. In 1848 (in the Sacramento area) gold was found, the gold rush (“Gold Rush”) began. The population has increased significantly (for 7 years it has increased from 15 to 300 thousand people).

After the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848 California passed to the United States. In 1850, it became the 31st state in a row. Currently, the problems of overcrowding and urbanization are the most important for this prosperous state.

Geography and climate

The state of California borders the US states of Oregon (to the north), Nevada (to the east), and Arizona (to the southeast), as well as the Mexican state of Baja California (to the south).

In the east of the state – the Sierra Nevada mountains with large national parks (Yosemite, Sequoia, Joshua Tree). To the west is the Coast Ranges, to the southwest is the Mojave Desert. The lowest point in the country in the Death Valley National Park (87 m below sea level). To the east is Lake Tahoe. The center of the state is occupied by the fertile Great California (Central) Valley. In the southeast there are desert plateaus and deep tectonic depressions. Earthquakes are frequent (small almost every day), the most destructive were in the San Francisco areas in 1906 and in 1989, as well as in the Los Angeles area in 1993.

The state ranks first in the country in terms of the number of inhabitants. Most of the population lives on the coast, in the conurbations of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego. The state has the highest per capita income in the country (and one of the highest in the world).

The most important industries are electronics (production and development of computers and communications, software development, the so-called Silicon Valley is located here), aerospace engineering, instrumentation, industrial equipment, shipbuilding. Biotechnology. Food industry (products and wines). large financial corporations. The world center of the film industry and media business (Hollywood district in Los Angeles).

California is a major tourist center (sea beaches, national parks, Disneyland in Anaheim). Timber industry. 15% of the territory is occupied by agricultural land, grapes are grown (90% of all wines in the USA are produced in California), cotton, vegetables and fruits (one third of all canned and frozen fruits and vegetables are produced in California). Large fishing bases (tuna, mackerel, sardines, salmon, flounder, squid). Military bases and training centers of the US Navy. Educational institutions (one of the best in the US): University of California, Stanford University, California Institute of Technology. Due to its overpopulation, the state has the densest and most modern transportation system. Numerous high-speed routes connect large metropolitan areas both with suburbs and among themselves. In metropolitan areas, there are developed systems of ground and underground metro (including BART, one of the most modern metros in the country, includes a tunnel under the San Francisco Bay connecting the cities of San Francisco and Oakland). Airports are also some of the most visited in the US. The air transport corridor between the California metropolitan areas surpasses the corridor between Washington, Boston and New York in terms of traffic.

State attractions include: Yosemite Valley National Park, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Sequoia National Park, Death Valley National Park. In California: there are Disneyland park, the center of the American film industry Hollywood, Alcatraz prison. Fort Point is a former military outpost built in 1861 of brick and granite. It is part of the Golden Gate Park National Recreation Area.

Numerous theaters and museums are located in the megacities of the country, the San Francisco and Los Angeles symphony orchestras, the San Francisco Opera House are famous. California is the birthplace of many famous American artists and writers, including J. London.

State of California