St. Kitts Population and Language

A large majority of the residents of Saint Kitts and Nevis are descended from African slaves. About a tenth of the population has a mixed white and black background. The white minority of European origin comprises around 1,000 people. About half of the population has their roots in India.

Immigration to the US and other western countries has at times been extensive. During the period 1960–1990, the population shrank by one-fifth, even though the birth rates were relatively high. Then the trend has reversed. Migration has decreased and more emigrants are returning home, while birth rates have dropped.

Saint Kitts and Nevis Population Forecast

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Foreigners can buy citizenship in the country. This arrangement has drawn criticism from the United States and Canada, which claims that the system both facilitates illegal immigration to North America and partly gives criminals a sanctuary.

The population is concentrated to the main island of Saint Kitts, where over 80 percent of the residents live. Both islands speak English, which is the official language, as well as a Creole language that emerged through the mixture of black slaves and Europeans. The Creole vocabulary is taken from the English language but it has a different grammar.

St Kitts Population and Language



blacks and people of mixed European and African descent; small groups of whites and people of Indian origin

Number of residents

55 345 (2017)

Number of residents per square kilometer

213 (2017)

Percentage of residents in the cities

30.8 percent (2017)

Nativity / birth

17.3 per 1000 residents (2002)

Mortality / mortality

10.8 per 1000 residents (2002)


1.0 percent (2017)

fertility rate

2.1 number of children born per woman (2002)

Life expectancy

71 years (2002)

Life expectancy for women

74 years (2002)

Life expectancy for men

69 years (2002)


English is an official language and is widely spoken, in addition, a mixed language based on English with African features.