Sony and Microsoft Smoking out among the 10 Largest Producers

Sony and Microsoft are no longer among the 10 largest manufacturers of smartphones, according to a new study.

It goes downhill for Japanese Sony and Microsoft, u.s. in terms of the number of smartphones sold in 1.quarter of 2015. It shows a new study, as former ceo of Nokia, Tomi Ahonen, regularly performs.

The study does not show the final numbers, but are instead of predictions from Tomi, who in turn have a tradition of hitting quite close.

With 8.5 million smartphones sold in January, February and March, it is not enough for Sony to maintain its position in the top 10 list for manufacturers that sell most smartphones.

Sony’s market share was 4. quarterly statement from last year at 2.3%, but has now become so low that it counted in the “Other” statement, which constitutes about one quarter of all smartphones sold.

The same is true for Microsoft, which, however, achieved a slightly higher sales than Sony, he says. It is still not enough to sneak up on a 10. space for the grabs a new Chinese manufacturer, Vivo, which, for the first time, occupy this space.


Samsung final 1. square from Apple

Apple could in 4. quarter last year boasting of having taken 1st place after a high sales of the iPhone and the iPhone 6 Plus 6. The place takes over Samsung now, after Apple’s sales have fallen ahead of the launch of the next iPhone 6s and 6s Plus for the upcoming WWDC event.

Samsung achieves according to this study a sale on 82.8 million. Smartphones, which can be transformed into a market share of 24.3% or almost a quarter.

The cast of the same with the first kvartalundersøgelse, as Reuters brought from Strategy Analytics analysis Institute.