Some Wonderful Experiences in Menorca

Although Menorca is not full of tourists, it really is an island that has everything you could wish for. Here there are hiking trails around the whole island, coves and beaches with crystal clear water and golden sand, birds and flowering meadows with both lavender, orchids and blood red poppies and when you are hungry for a little charm and history, you can go into the cities that offer culture and tradition. Here are some nice activities around Menorca that you can remember before you travel here.

Gin production in Mahón

Ever since the British rule, gin has been produced extensively in Menorca. The drink is often drunk here as a small appetizer before the meal. The national drink is called Pomada and is a mixture of gin and lemon. At the Gin Xoriguer distillery, they make both gin and liqueur, because they also like to mix the two drinks. Here you can taste different varieties and buy bottles to take home as gifts or souvenirs. The distillery is located in the port of the capital Mahón and is one of the island’s attractions.

Hiking, riding or cycling

Around the whole of Menorca there are about 200 km of trails and bike paths where people ride mountain bikes, hike or ride. This road system is called Cami de Cavalls and is divided into 20 stages. Along this stretch there are also over 100 beaches and coves to take a dip in.

In addition to the hiking trails, Menorca has a lot of mountains. The highest is called El Toro and is located in the middle of the island. The mountain is about 357 meters above sea level and once at the top you are rewarded with a beautiful view of Fornellsbukten. At the top there is also a Franciscan monastery for nuns, a cute little cafe and a souvenir shop.

Visit a cheese farm

In addition to gin, Menorca has a lot of cheese farms here and there on the island. The famous cheese Queso de Mahón is considered a delicacy and since many of these cheese farms also produce wine at the same time, a visit here is perfect for those who want to test their taste buds. St Patrici is a farm that is engaged in both wine and cheese production and here you can both taste and buy good cheeses at home.

Celebrate Menorca’s All Saints

From midsummer and a few weeks onwards, the Menorkins celebrate their patron saints in every city or town. These festivities are called fiestas and are the highlights of the island during the summers. The first begins in Cituadella and ends later in Mahón. Here you can taste traditional food, listen to music, watch horse shows as the menorquin horse is always in focus and meet the locals. Be prepared that you as a visitor will probably drink properly with Pomada.


According to GLOBALSCIENCELLC,the very first tourist village on Menorca is called Binibequer and still exists today. It is really worth a visit when you are tired of the beach and sun. Here the houses are completely painted white and the village has many narrow alleys and cute cafes. However, tourism is not as noticeable anymore as there are other places on the island that have taken over this. But a visit here is still to be recommended as the charm here has no limit at all. Look out for the little land turtles that run around everywhere here, they are really a delight to the eye and can give a good laugh.

Some wonderful experiences in Menorca