Skiiing in Canada

Areas near the Pacific coast of Canada, where the Coast Range and the Rocky Mountains stretch, are the most popular among fans of skiing. There are several ski resorts in the vicinity of the city of Vancouver . The most popular resort Whistler . There are also ski resortsclose to Vancouver – Cypress, Mount Grouse and Mount Seymour. In the southern part of the province, 55 km from the city of Kelowna , there is a ski resort Big White. Near Big White is Red Mountain Resort.

In the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia are popular resorts such as Fairney, Kicking Horse and Fairmont Hot Springs. You can get to them from the city of Golden . In the Rocky Mountains, but already in the province of Alberta, theMarmot Basin resort is popular., which is located in Jasper National Park, and the Banff ski area. Also in Alberta you can ride in Edmonton at the Ski Club and Canyon Ski Area and in Calgary at the Olympic Park.

The provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba offer opportunities for cross-country skiing across vast expanses of the prairie. Among the resorts, Mission Ridge, Wapiti Volley (Saskatchewan) and Mystery Mountain (Manitoba) stand out.

In the vicinity of the capital of the province of Manitoba – Winnipeg – there is a ski resortStoney Mountain; to the south, almost on the border with the United States, there is a ski resort Holiday Mountain; and 130 km east of Winnipeg, in Whiteshell Provincial Park near Falcon Lake, is the Falcon Ski Resort.

According to CONSTRUCTMATERIALS, the province of Ontario in and around Toronto has several ski resorts that turn into popular golf courses during the summer. The most famous ski slopes of this part of the country are located in Toronto in Centennial Park , in the nearby ski centers of Chicopee, Devils Elbow, Sir Sams, in the cityOshawa, on Blue Mountain (Ontario’s largest ski resort), and in Glen Park at Niagara Falls. The coast of Georgian Bay in the eastern part of Lake Huron, which is located in the province of Ontario, is a popular place for cross-country skiing.

In the province of Quebec, east of the city of Quebec , there is one of the best ski resorts in eastern Canada – Le Massif – and the Mont Sainte Anne ski resort. About 100 km north of Montreal in the Laurentides on the slopes of Mount Tremblant (935 m) there is a provincial park of the same name with many ski resorts. The most popular resort in this region is the Mont Tremblant ski resort.

In the province of New Brunswick, Crabe Mountain Ski Resort near Fredericton , Shugaloaf Provincial Park, which can be reached from Edmundston, and Poly Mountain Ski Resort in the vicinity of the Bay of Fundy National Park, are worth highlighting. Poly Mountain is one of the most popular ski resorts on Canada ‘s Atlantic coast. It is more suitable for beginners. The height difference within the resort is 200 m, there are 14 slopes and 4 lifts.

Brookville Provincial Ski Park is located in the western part of the province of Prince Edward Island near Charlottetown . In the western part of the island of Newfoundland in the Humber Valley, surrounded by the Long Range mountains, is the Marbell Mountain ski resort. Marbell Mountain is considered one of the best resorts located east of the Rocky Mountains. The season here runs from December to April. The height difference is 488 m. The resort has 31 ski slopes, a half-pipe and an extreme park for snowboarders and 5 ski lifts. Marbell Villa Resort is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. SHOPPING In the capital of Alberta РEdmonton Рthere is one of the most famous shopping areas in the world and the largest shopping center on the planet РWest Edmonton , which has an area of 0.48 sq. km. It includes 800 shops, 27 cinemas, 3 theaters, 110 restaurants, a casino, a hotel, night clubs, an amusement park, a water park, an underwater adventure park, an ice palace and golf halls. Here you can have a great time and buy a variety of souvenirs.

In the province of Ontario, in the largest city of the country – Toronto – there are many shopping centers. Most of them are on Young Street. Also here is the largest underground shopping center in the world – PATH. PATH is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, its area is 0.37 square meters. km. This is a whole underground city, where the lower floors of city skyscrapers extend. There are even small parks and fountains. All PATH structures are connected to each other and to the subway by passages.

Be sure to visit the harbor areas of Saint John in New Brunswick and Montreal in Quebec, home to some of North America’s oldest shopping malls dating back to the mid-19th century.

In Vancouver , British Columbia, one of the country’s main shopping areas is Robson Street.

Skiiing in Canada