Sights of Gelderland, Netherlands

According to HISTORYAAH, the province of Gelderland is so versatile that a real top 10 is not easy to achieve. The province is characterized by a lot of natural beauty, historic buildings, castles, cozy cities and cozy villages. Are you looking for peace and quiet, rough sports, good food or just some relaxation? It’s all possible here. For example, the capital Arnhem has ten attractions of its own, such as its parks and museums or the lively nightlife on the Korenmarkt. Or take an exciting GPS tour through the beautiful landscapes of Gelderland. We have tried to create as broad a top 10 as possible.

Top 10 Things to Do in Gelderland

#1. Kroller Muller Museum
This museum, which is named after Helene Kröller-Müller, is located in De Hoge Veluwe National Park. This woman had the hobby of collecting many art objects that she selected together with her advisor. This passion soon got out of hand and the idea arose to open a museum for her now more than eleven thousand purchases. The fact that her favorite artists mainly concern Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Piet Mondrian is clearly reflected in the collection.

#2. Het Loo Palace
This former royal palace now houses a National Museum. In the wooded area of ​​Apeldoorn, the more than three-hundred-year-old palace with its enormous gardens can be found on Koningslaan. Princess Margriet is the last of the royal family to occupy the complex as a residence. Many parts and the gardens of the palace are now open to the public. In the various rooms you get a nice idea about how the Oranges lived.

#3. Burgers Zoo Arnhem Burgers Zoo
is probably one of the most visited attractions in Gelderland. The park is spacious and well maintained. The beginning of the zoo can be traced back to 1913 when the founder Johan Burgers started to exhibit his hunting collection to the public. Today it is a very extensive zoo in which almost all continents of the world are represented by animals.

#4. Slangenburg Castle
The seventeenth century Slangenburg Castle is located just outside the town of Doetinchem. This special national monument is well maintained. The castle, which is still in use, now serves as the guest house of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Willebrord. Parts of the complex as well as the estate are open to the public. It is also possible to be part of the guest house. Especially if you are looking for peace, meditation or everything you think you will find here for your inner well-being, there are options for overnight stays.

#5. Historic Cellars Arnhem
The fact that the history of the city of Arnhem goes way back in time is clearly reflected in the cellars and associated corridor systems. These can often be found underground, especially in the shopping area. The cellars have been restored in such a way that they are regularly used for exhibitions, meetings and for educational purposes.

#6. Chocolate Festival in Zutphen
Every year around September, the city center is completely decorated for the Chocolate Festival. All kinds of entrepreneurs take part in this annual spectacle. There has even been a battle to make the largest bonbon in the world. Everything that has to do with chocolate can be found in the center of Zutphen in various and sometimes very brilliant ways. After all, you can use it to cook, talk about, eat or make decorations for displaying bonbons.

#7. Windmills in Doetinchem
All foreign tourists come here for clogs, tulips and windmills. Unfortunately, the latter can only be found sporadically in our landscape. In Doetinchem, however, a number of people have started a foundation for the preservation of the mills within their area. This has resulted in a few beautiful examples such as the Walmolen, the Benninkmolen and the Aurora. They are regularly open to the public and are even put into operation for flour milling.

#8. Dutch Water Museum
With Prince Willem Alexander who immersed himself in water management, a museum could not fail to do so, of course. Since 2004, the city of Arnhem has had a location where you can learn everything about water, water purification, our drinking water and much more. There are several experts available to answer various questions, you can do all kinds of tests or take a ride through the sewer.

#9. Arnhem Open Air Museum
For a small glimpse into the average society in the Netherlands, but then from past centuries, you should definitely visit this Arnhem Open Air Museum. Here you can find authentic buildings, houses, farms and mills as they have stood through the country in recent centuries. The various crafts from history are also revived here. There are regular special activities to experience.

#10. National Liberation Museum Groesbeek
In this historical educational museum, many chapters are discussed about everything that has to do with the entire period after the Second World War, from the liberation day. There are various objects on display that manage to realize a good image from that time.

Gelderland, Netherlands