Shoes Black CNS and Sweater for Colder Days

The look of today was produced by our partner Lincoln, of the blog Lincooln. The CNS shoes fell really well with blazer and black pants.

To take a broken in look black, under the blazer, he chose a sweater with colored stripes-piece that we prefer to give the focus today.

Perfect style for a happy hour or some event from work that is not so formal, don’t you think?

Tips: Men’s Sweater

The men’s sweater is a Joker for you have in the cupboard. Very versatile, it is a great choice for use on colder days, in addition to being an option that will surely protect you from the cold and still combine with different parts, in different occasions.

Know that you can use it quietly with loose pants until the most fair; the more sober to more colorful, for example.Feel free to make your best combination according to your mood and event.

One of the main secrets to vary is to make rollovers.Blazer, turtlenecks and blouses worn under the sweater, can make a difference in the overall look. To modernize and keep things light, many men wear the shirt slipping beneath this piece.

And you? What’s your favorite way to use sweater?