Seagale: The Swimsuit Becomes Technology

Among other things swimming shorts that leverages nanotechnology…
-On 26/05/2014 —
With his bath with built-in boxer shorts, Seagale intends to revolutionize the world of swimwear. What is really?
The brand is Seagale going to sing all summer on the beaches? The young French brand founded by Matthieu Rivory and Bertrand Durand-Gasselin presents a swimsuit for men, form short, both elegant and comfortable thanks to a cutting-edge fabric from nanotechnology. It dries quickly, is indeformable and resistant to UV.
A clever cutting
The swimsuit Seagale short form hides a built-in boxer. Thus, the male anatomy is supported and protected from attacks by the sand and the ballotements either by a net, but by an underwear near the body. Tight to the thigh without to compress them, this Jersey leaves a good freedom of movement. The right form of shorts avoids it swells when entering the water.

A Jersey that dries quickly
The fabric used is Superhydrophobic, it repels water, of which a very small amount only in the weave of the fabric. Then it dries very quickly. The fabric resists well to the ultraviolet rays of the Sun. This shirt is machine or hand washable.

Well in his shorts
If the cut is practical for swimming and sun bathing, it is also for the aquatic sports such as kitesurfing, Waterskiing, windsurfing, surfing, yachting. Worn with a shirt or a tank top, shorts Seagale allows to be always ready to plunge into the ocean.

Swimming shorts who has everything to please: aesthetics, practicality, quick drying. While maternity swimwear is available on Maternityetchic, the men will be conquered, whether they be sporting, by the advantages of this new textile technology.

Price: 129 euros
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