Samsung will Produce Intelligent Wristwatch

Korean company is one more betting on that segment should grow in the coming years

In an interview with Bloomberg Agency, Lee Young Hee, Vice President of Samsung’s mobile devices area, stated that your company is developing a smart watch. “We are preparing several products for the future, and the clock is certainly one of them,”he said. The Executive did not say when the product will reach the market and gave details about the appliance’s features.

Lee’s statement is another indication that the market for smart watches (smartwatches) should grow this year. There are strong rumours that Apple would be working on a similar product, having moved about of 100 engineers to the project. Another clue about a possible Apple’s clock is an application for a patent made by the end of 2011.

Promising market

Generally speaking, a smartwatch clock is a wristwatch with digital touch screen and the ability to run applications and communicate with a smartphone.

There are already on the market some smart watch models, such as the Pebble. But in your most they are manufactured by smaller companies.

Among large manufacturers, Sony has a smartwatch clock, which works in conjunction with your Xperia phones.

Apple has had a device with some features of smart clock. In your 6th generation, iPod nano music player could also be used as a clock and ran some basic applications.

Apple, however, increased the size of the iPod nano in your seventh and latest generation, which limits your use as wristwatch.