Renewing Design and Recovering The Ultrapixeles: So Shall The HTC One M10 According to Leaks

The mobile market is a world of continuous change, but even so there are traditions. Few, short and recent wedge, but having them there and one is to wander about will be like a mobile phone when your filing date approaches. With an already nearly completed January February comes and the MWC, and the agenda is us filled with annual appointments, but You can this year HTC to break any of these traditions with its One M10.

A few weeks ago we were talking about this annual event of world reference in terms of the changes that some manufacturers seem to be doing in its agenda on the basis to take advantage of it or rather the opposite. A brave LG is anticipated with its top to look face to face to Samsung by matching day of presentation, while HTC and Microsoft would have preferred to flee not to be only with a few crumbs of prominence.

Last year, in addition, these crumbs were not anything encouraging for the Taiwanese company, with an HTC One M9 perhaps too conservative more than maintaining identity and who was criticized in his first shots of contact without just-removed the safety of the stand, nearly newborn cable. Break with all this also HTC? So the rumors that collects Venture Beat and Evan Blass shared indicate it (and you know if Evan speaks), although with a ghost from the past.

Renew or die?

When it is repeated for years is not by chance, and HTC have been aware that one of their main complaint was its construction: a discordant note among an overwhelming majority of policarbonatada. However, since HTC One M7 the manufacturer has been a constant in many more aspects, as contained in size with respect to rivals or keeping speakers, logo on the front and considerable frameworks that represent a very appetizing centimeters for the screen.

And if the HTC One M10 stop with all this? According to what is speculated for the next terminal from HTC, name in key “Perfume”, what we will see is a radical turn around these features, a (partial) farewell to the traditions of design and construction. The screen, which would be AMOLED as than its predecessor and not SuperLCD as also mentioned, would be a 5.1-inch diagonal and rise to the train of the QHD in terms of resolution, with a pixel density of 576 DPI equivalent Samsung Galaxy S6.

Information design, plays little but if it is true the fact that do not mount the speakers on the front probably the edges could be something finer. What also would lose is the logo in pro use this surface to a fingerprint reader. These two changes should be thinking that the terminal will gain ratio pantalla-frontal and reach 70%.

On the other hand, as for the processor refers to two versions. The Snapdragon 820, which aspires to be the processor Qualcomm star and 810 which had to have been (and rode the unfortunate M9), already long ago that sounds for the next flagship of HTC, but aims also at that there will be a version with MediaTek chip for the Asian market. So wait 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage with ability to add micro-SD.

Return to the old ways

During the war of the megapixel HTC opted to stand out with a prefix with more impact. But in practice the noise were ADO and the move of the ultrapixeles did not start as expected. After enduring them until One M8 in the rear Chamber, these passed to the fore in the M9 One, but it seems that return to the main Chamber in “Perfume”.

Apparently the company has managed to surpass the 4 megapixel barrier and achieve a 12-megapixel sensor Ultrapixel. So he promises to get one higher resolution and also to incorporate laser focus. This figure is not known about the secondary camera, but refers that both this and the main be included (OIS) image stabilizer, by which in this sense its front camera would differ from the rest.

HTC will have broken with their own traditions and will surprise you with a renewed range stop? Certainly what seems evident is that something needs to change to make a contribution in their flagships, of nothing modest price, positive in pulling a cart that has been weighing the company years distancing itself from its rivals and accumulating worrying figures. We will see (somewhat later than usual, that Yes) if the Taiwanese have been spared a few distinguishing marks that could have been one burden rather than an incentive.