Popular Airport hotels in Sweden

Swedish travel is increasing in step with the rest of the world and for that reason there is an increased need for housing, not only in the cities but also at the airports. The Swedish airport hotels are centered around the larger Swedish airports Arlanda, Landvetter, Skavsta and Sturup – as well as one or two hotels near the smaller airports around the country. The largest selection of airport hotels can be found at Arlanda, which is Sweden’s largest airport. Here, the hotels are quite scattered in the area, which means that the range of services varies. Some hotels have the opportunity to offer long-term parking and similar services, which may feel attractive to the traveler. What popular airport hotels are there in Sweden then?

STF Jumbo Stay

Have you always dreamed of living in a real airplane? At STF Jumbo Stay you have an opportunity to experience this. Here they have turned a regular jumbo jet into small hotel rooms. This is more of a hostel than a hotel, but still provides a very special accommodation near Arlanda.

Radisson Blu SkyCity

You stay at this hotel when you want to be extra close to the terminal. In fact, Radisson Blu is located in the part called SkyCity, which is part of Arlanda Airport. SkyCity includes a large parking garage a stone’s throw from the terminal, as well as this hotel. At Radisson you can get all the service you have the right to expect from a hotel in this chain. In addition, there are very comfortable rooms with comfortable beds. However, it is not cheap.

Good Morning Arlanda

If you want to stay close to Arlanda but want to pay only half of what it costs to stay at Radisson in SkyCity, you should consider Good Morning, which is a simple hotel not far from the terminals. Here are comfortable rooms with the most common amenities, where you can get a good night’s sleep. Breakfast is of course available to choose from if you so wish.

Connect Hotel Skavsta

At Skavsta Airport outside Nyköping is the hotel that is simply called Connect, which belongs to a chain. This is in many ways a budget hotel, where you can choose really cheap rooms that have shared bathrooms. Of course there are also rooms with private bathrooms to choose from, as well as business rooms with balconies. Here you live to be close to the terminal, which is 2 minutes away on foot. The car is parked in the public car park at the airport, which is either outdoors or indoors in a parking garage.

Landvetter Airport Hotel

According to HOLIDAYSORT,this hotel is not completely unexpectedly located at Gothenburg’s main airport Landvetter. It offers rooms in traditional Scandinavian style and has a number of different room categories to choose from. It is close to the terminal, while the hotel offers a noise-free environment.

Sturup Airport Hotel

The Skåne airport Sturup outside Malmö also offers accommodation in the form of Sturup Airport Hotel. It is only a couple of minutes walk from the airport and offers 68 soundproofed rooms. The hotel has its own restaurant and bar where you can relax both as a nice start and end to your business or holiday trip.

Popular airport hotels in Sweden