Pebble 2 HR: Beginners Smartwatch in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

The Pebble 2 with built-in optical pulse monitor is very cheap for a Smartwatch. Five days of battery life and an elaborate operating concept speak for the Pebble 2. Not good: The plastic looks cheap and the sports functions are immature. Best price on the Internet: 109,51 euro * this product at Amazon order Pro high-contrast display long battery life waterproof standard bracelets (22 mm) thought out operation for all Smartphone operating systems contra case test note of Editor 2.58 acting immature sports functions pulse measurement inaccurate cheap satisfying user rating now evaluate the Pebble the manufacturer is 2 HR focus clearly on fitness functions. Built-in sensors track including the phases of sleep, measure completed levels and steps, or monitor the pulse at the wrist with an optical sensor. A compass or a barometer has the Pebble 2 HR but not, nor a GPS. For the price of 129 euros, that would be certainly too much to ask, if it’s honest. It has the usual Smartwatch functionality features the new fitness addition: the Pebble 2 HR control music playback from your Smartphone, informed about incoming emails and Messenger messages and reminiscent of dates.

The Pebble 2 HR in detail

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Pebble 2 HR: technical data

The display comprises a 1.26-inch monochrome display in e-paper-technology with a resolution of 144 x 168 pixels in contrast to the time models that have a 64-color display. Finally has reduced the formerly criticized Trauerrand. However, does the display in comparison to other Smartwatches tiny. The contrast is however great, so the cute animations for the menus in the bright sunlight are easily recognizable. Covered the display with Gorilla glass and thus is very scratch resistant. The case itself is made of polycarbonate with a ten percent admixture of glass fiber. You can feel the Smartwatch hardly on the wrist thanks to the low weight of around 40 grams. Too loose you should not wear however the clock, because then the covered pulse values are not more.

Workout with weaknesses

Ever let the Pebble 2 HR in the sports mode plenty springs. While the displayed step number coincided well with the reality, the Pebble when the dedicated work out mode to hanebüchenen statements let tear about a dreieinhalbstündiges mountain bike training 0 should have burned kilocalories and at a maximum heart rate of 205 of ejected! A comparing watch with strap here identified 1,400 kilocalories in a maximum heart rate of 172 beats per minute. Clearly, the Pebble can do anything 2 HR in contrast to many fitness bands with non-step-based sports such as cycling, but the few modes of running, walking and work-out is much too little. The clock display provides in addition very little information: only the pulse value and a pressing through changing data field enough hard to control a workout. Even with the jogging laps around the Lake, the Pebble despite tight fitting band showed partially absurd values and also the distance had nothing to do with reality. Pebble: Please rework! The Pebble app on the phone displays the detected values also only very reduced so that a more in-depth analysis is hardly possible. The sleep recording is, however, exceptionally good. The Pebble 2 HR notice when you go to sleep and assessed in the test quite well the quality of sleep.

Is compatible with any Smartphone

The Smartwatch is with IOS and Android apps link and there is even the possibility to operate with Windows phones. The battery life Pebble indicates with up to a week in the test five days were left of them in occasional sporting use. The Pebble own operating system timeline in a new version is installed. But little has changed on the operation. With the four buttons (a left, three right) allows quickly scurry through the menus. Worked very well the news-reporting function often the Pebble signed 2 HR of incoming messages rather than the Apple Watch the tester carried compared to the other arm. Also Tip: The music control via clock. But: While some Smartwatches like the Samsung gear can save 2 or Apple Watch music also in the clock, which is not possible in the Pebble 2 HR with meager 8 megabytes of memory. Good: The Pebble 2 HR is compatible with many of the approximately 13,000 apps and dials that already exist for the predecessor. However, one can not expect that, for example, the compass app works, because as I said the Pebble has no compass sensor 2 HR. But the Pebble app on your Smartphone shows only such apps that also work with the Pebble 2 HR. Overall the apps could use even a refresher of the offer, because despite the impressive number of existing apps but rather little interesting is for users in Central Europe. The app my bus, for example, knows although 60 U.S. areas, but no buses in Germany. Next train turn white when trains to Belgium and the Netherlands, but the rail traffic here is unknown. Here, Pebble despite world-class development environment and a rain relief community threatens to lose the connection.

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Smartwatch Pebble 2 HR: availability, price

The Pebble is 2 HR to have since September 2016. To buy, there’s them on the manufacturer’s website starting from 129 euro.