Pay with MobilePay in All 261 Rema 1000 Stores

Retail chain Rema 1000 overtakes Danish supermarket before about and offers mobile payments with MobilePay before the summer recess in all 261 stores.

Danske Bank’s MobilePay-betalingsapp reminder for real out in the Danish supermarkets, according to Rema 1000 now publishes, that rates on the solution in all 261 stores already before the summer recess.

From the 1. July you can use your smartphone to buy everyday items in your local Rema 1000 with the popular app from Danske Bank, which has rounded nothing less than 2 million users.

“We want to give customers what they are looking for, and what they are going to ask, and there is no doubt that mobile payments are here to stay. The rumbling just loose with various options and solutions, and we must of course be with, “ says CFO in Rema 1000, Torben Sørensen, to Berlingske Business.


Works with Bluetooth, NFC and QR codes

MobilePay-payment in shops operate in such a way that you are installing the app on your smartphone to either iOS, Android or Windows Phone. When your items are scanned in at the checkout and you need to pay, you will quite simply your smartphone over a small MobilePay-box marked with a white sticker.

You get immediately the amount shown in the app, which is awaiting your confirmation to you swiper to the right as with a traditional MobilePay-payment.

In MobilePay-box located at the checkout there installed Bluetooth, NFC and a QR code, so you will have more opportunities to complete the purchase. As a starting point, running the payment through Bluetooth on all platforms and pair it with the box through the NFC technology on Android and Windows Phone-phones that support this.

If this is not possible in your smartphone, is there on the white sticker on the box a unique QR-code, which you can scan through the app. In seconds so you can buy your goods completely without even having to enter any amount or any receiver. The only thing that is required is your usual MobilePay-login, when you open the app.

“The solution we get out in stores, is made ready for that also can get others on. Also solutions we may not know until today. We just have to recognize that the technology going so strong, that in six months we are probably talking about a completely different solution, as we so hopefully is ready to be put into too, “he says.

Starts in 6 Rema 1000 stores

Just today put out with dicountkæden to offer MobilePay-payment in 6 Rema 1000 stores after completing a series of tests by customers, according to Torben Sørensen, is quite curious about.

“Once you get used to it, you will find that it will be an even easier way to pay,” he says finally.

Overtakes Danish supermarket on the right

With the large and, not least, the sudden rate from Rema 1000 will be Danish retail chain supermarket with Føtex, Bilka, Net and Salling bypassed.

Since the month of March has Danish supermarket experimented with MobilePay-payment in a handful of stores with four new stores to the collection next month.

The plan is that Danish Super market 600 stores to offer payment by MobilePay before the end of the year, but Rema 1000 have with the announcement today decided to screw up the pace with the rollout of its 261 stores.