Overview: No 4 g in iPhone 5! Stay up-to-Date on Weekly iPhone 5-News

The Danish launch of iPhone 5 is approaching – you can get an overview of this week’s biggest Apple news here.

This week there have been a number of Apple-news due to the presentation of iphone 5 on 12 September, the rollout of iOS 6, sales start in several places in the world and advance sales at Telia and Telenor in Denmark.

That is why we have chosen to keep Apple-news out of “weekly overview” and instead to give them their own overview article.

At the beginning of this week prices on iPhone 5 came from the independent mobile dealers, and the night of Friday followed the our site so suit with their prices, including subscriptions.

The war between Apple and Samsung also takes place not only in courtrooms around the world. Samsung has had a few commercials and a video that goes hard for both the iPhone 5 and its owners, which also has gotten Apple fanboys to give Samsung retort.

A day after iOS 6 update was installed on about 15 percent iOS devices. What do you think about it – take part in the vote?