Only 9,99 Euro: Surf-Flatrate with Samsung Galaxy at a Low Price

Youtube, Snapchat and Facebook, emails, Instagram and whatsapp: most smartphones are more often on the Internet than to the ear of the user. Also rarely calls via Smartphone, but often use the mobile Web? Then you are smart with the tariff super powered surf o2 by saving mobile.

1 gigabyte including

The tariff of mobilcom-debitel you with 1 gigabyte surf volume in the O2 network for 9.99 euros monthly. You go up to 21.1 megabits per second (mbit / s) online. There are 50 free minutes for calls and 50 SMS in all German networks. Every other conversation minute which goes beyond the monthly free quota, costs 29 cents. Each another SMS fails with 19 cents to beech.

Terminate the contract on time

The contract will run for at least 24 months, from 25 months the fee increases to 11.99 euros monthly. You should advertise so in a timely manner, with a notice period of three months to the end of the term. Cheap mobile phone send an SMS with the text of AP, 6 weeks after the activation of the SIM card free number 8362, also reimbursed the connection fee of 39.99 euros.

Samsung Galaxy at a bargain price

And that’s not all: the Samsun Galaxy A3 (2016) in black, white, gold or pink gold, for once 4.95 euros without monthly charge on the basic fee along with the fare. Without a contract, the Smartphone is to have currently not under 200 euros. In the test by COMPUTER image knew above all with a good display, to convince ordinary processing and long battery life.

For sale at cheap mobile: backup now Galaxy A3 at a low price and tariff


Including Smartphone the tariff will cost you over 24 months around 245 euros. This is little more than the normal price for the Galaxy A3. So practically free there’s the fare a great deal by saving mobile.