Nokia Gold, a Stylish Nokia C7 Available to Few Pockets

If you are a fan of the designs of Nokia, you have a really loose pocket and for you a terminal with the possibilities of the iPhone or similar is what you left completely, you’re in luck, Nokia has the solution.

The new one Nokia gold It will be the answer to your needs. If luxury is your Hallmark, Nokia gold largely supplemented this aspect in your life, since it has features such as the use of Gold, leather and other select materials in its construction.

The details that make up the Nokia gold frames are of 18 carat gold. It also has a screen with technology Gorilla Glass and its back cover is made “Bridge of Weir” leather (the same used in the upholstery of the luxury cars).

If the exterior was you familiar, in fact, it’s a Nokia C7 with a new touch elitist, so you can also enjoy the future “Symbian Anna”.

Its price will be around the 1,124 euros According to the Russian store “Svyaznoy”.