Nokia GEM, The Concept of Full Touch Phone from Nokia

The Finnish manufacturer of mobile phones Nokia has presented a concept of phones with a touch screen that covers the entire surface of the device under the name Nokia GEM, or “ gem ” in its translation into the language of Cervantes, given the presence of various polished surfaces that presents this idea of phone of the future, similar to a gemstone.

Nokia GEM is nothing more than it excuse used by the Espoo on this pair occasion to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Nokia Research Center, the Finnish multinational research center, in which the brand owes great part of the successes achieved over the last years.

In its essence, the Nokia GEM is a mobile device whose surface is, in its entirety, a touch screen, which you You can change its appearance under the function chosen by the user.

For example, the choice of map function will cause a whole side of the device to disappear, including its virtual keyboard, showing a detailed map with the map of our location, while a broader view is displayed on the other side of the phone.

As we can see by the pictures, it is not an only a glimmer of the free appliance, being all surfaces used to host different virtual buttons. But as an example of capabilities designed for the Nokia GEM, what better way to see this illustrative video.

Today, when you launch an application, such as the camera, our mobile phone still have the appearance of a mobile phone. With the GEM, all the phone takes the aspect of a camera.

Not in vain, Jarkko Saunamäki, in charge of the team has come up with the Nokia GEM, refers to his project as the “ #8221 & customizable device par excellence;, as we can see when the woman in the video takes the photograph of an object whose design is adopted by the phone as outward appearance to be wrapped in the image itself.

The concept even suggests that advertising messages could be displayed on the back of the phone, serving as mobile advertising platform that reported some kind of discount on bills for those users who are embraced to that service.

Nokia GEM picks up the idea of providing functionality to all the “ dead space ” which can be seen in the designs of some phones. A very attractive idea as a practice which presents certain drawbacks so far, as you may be avoiding the accidental activation of specific functions with the transformation of all on a touch screen device.

However, it continues to be one of the few really fresh ideas in the field of mobile telephony. Who knows, maybe could be the cornerstone of the phone of the future.