New Athos, Abkhazia

Guide to New Athos: how to get there and where to stay, what to see and where to sunbathe. The most interesting in New Athos: fresh reviews and photos, places worth seeing, branded entertainment and beaches.

Amazing landscapes, gentle sea and bright sun – all this is Abkhazia. It is located in the strip of the most northern subtropics in the world, which makes rest in this protected area attractive from many points of view. In Soviet times, rest in New Athos, one of the most famous resorts in Abkhazia, was the privilege of the elite, but now it is available to many.

How to get there

The easiest way is through Sochi. In 2003, the Sochi-Sukhumi electric train began to run, passing through all major resorts (Gagra, Pitsunda, New Athos). For Abkhazia climate and geography, please check TopPharmacySchools.

Hotels and the private sector

You can stay in Athos either in the private sector, or in hotels built several decades ago and updated on the wave of tourist interest in the resort, or newly built (still few) boarding houses. Despite the fact that the region is attractive all year round, most tourist hotels do not function in winter, except that, like the Kamarit resort complex, they offer stay programs for the New Year and Christmas holidays. During the summer season, tourists can expect quite comfortable rooms with all amenities, meals and, often, their own transfer to the station. It is unlikely that Athos hotels and restaurants can compete with those establishments that operate in international resorts, but their level is constantly growing.


The history of Athos is rich and long. It begins in the 3rd century, when the city of Anakopia was an important trade center of the region. Archaeological excavations have shown that the then standard of living in the city was quite high both in material and cultural terms. In the 5th c. Abkhazians built a fortress on the Iverskaya mountain. In the 8th c. Abkhazian ruler Leon II declared himself an independent Abkhazian king, and Anakopia – the capital of the Abkhazian kingdom. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, many rulers have changed in this territory, and many dramatic events have taken place. Despite the turbulent history, many interesting sights have survived to this day, which are important not only for Athos and Abkhazia, but for all mankind.

Entertainment and attractions of New Athos

The landscapes of New Athos are extremely beautiful and remain in the memory of those who came here at least once for a long time. Hilly terrain, rich subtropical vegetation, which is dominated by real thickets of lemon, orange, tangerine and olive trees, leaves no one indifferent. In all directions, cypress alleys stretch along the territory of the resort. The subtle aroma of cypresses and citrus is carried in the air, intoxicating and makes you forget about the stresses and problems of everyday life. The green spaces of the coastal zone are rich in magnolias, laurels, palms and eucalyptus – all these plants will seem like a real exotic to residents of more northern latitudes.

New Athos Monastery

One of the most interesting sights is, of course, the Orthodox New Athos (Simon-Kananitsky) Monastery. Its history began in August 1875, when several monks from the monastery of St. Panteleimon, which is located on Mount Athos in Greece, arrived in Abkhazia to choose a place for a new monastery. The construction of the monastery began in 1876 and lasted 12 years. These were years of stubborn hard work, as the construction of buildings was preceded by clearing sites in the mountains. But in 1896 the monastery was built and the first premises were consecrated in it.

In Soviet times, rest in New Athos, one of the most famous resorts in Abkhazia, was the privilege of the elite, but now it is available to many.

The main shrine of the monastery is a miraculous cross with a particle of the Tree of the Life-Giving Cross of the Lord. It is known that Emperor Alexander III took part in the construction of the monastery, it was in 1888. He also presented the chimes for the highest tower to the monastery. They were accompanied by gifts more prosaic, but very functional: a steam locomotive and a power plant. Whether with the light hand of the king, or because of the industriousness of the monks, but the monastery achieved serious success in economic activity: it operated a candle, brick, oil mill, bookbinding, sewing, watch, shoe and foundry workshops. In addition, the lands of the monastery were planted with vineyards, tangerine, plum, and walnut gardens. In 1924, the monastery was closed by the Soviet authorities, and 70 years later, its revival began. Near the monastery there is a cave, in which Simon the Canaanite retired and prayed. At least that’s what the legend says.

New Athos cave

The whole world knows the New Athos cave, which is one of the wonders of the nature of Abkhazia. This is a huge karst cavity, which is not inferior in size to the largest caves in the world, but surpasses them in beauty and picturesqueness. Since the discovery of the cave, speleologists from all over the world have been showing scientific interest in it, and tourists who have come to rest in Athos have been striving to visit it. The tourist route passes through 9 unique halls of the cave, each of which has its own name and its own differences. This route includes not only natural formations, but also man-made premises. It is impossible to forget a walk through the cave, you cannot get similar impressions anywhere else – the Athos cave is unique.

New Athos is located at a distance of 21 km from the capital of the republic, the city of Sukhum. The climate here is maritime subtropical, the average annual temperature is about +15 °C. I must say that due to the constant breezes, during the hot season, the temperature here is usually moderate. At the same time, the resort is protected from the northern cold winds by mountains: the spurs of the Caucasus Range pass here.

Due to the fact that the resort “looks” to the south, it gets extra sunny days, which is very attractive for vacationers. The relief of the resort is such that its entire territory is divided into three distinct zones, each of which has its own characteristics and individuality. The first zone is coastal, up to 5 m above sea level. The second is the foothills – up to 80 m. The third zone is the mountains, its height is up to 600 m above sea level.

New Athos, Abkhazia