Nauru Population and Language

The Naurus and their languages, Naurus, exhibit Melanesian, Micronesian and Polynesian features.

Nauri and English are official languages. Almost all Naurus understand English, which is also the main written language and is used in the administration.

The majority of the residents are Naurus but around a quarter of the population comes from other parts of the South Sea and there are also small groups of Chinese, Europeans, Australians and Filipinos.

Nauru Population Forecast

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persons of mixed Melanese, Micronesian and Polynesian origin are in the majority; minorities of other South Sea residents as well as small groups of Europeans and Chinese

Nauru Population and Language

Number of residents

13 649 (2017)

Number of residents per square kilometer

682 (2017)

Percentage of residents in the cities

100.0 percent (2017)


4.5 percent (2017)


Nauri and English are official languages.