Motorola CEO Can See The Future: “Smartphones Will Be The Best Computer Player and Camera That You Can Have”

The CEO of Motorola, Sanjay Jha, He has been in charge of determining the best way for this manufacturer since 2008. He is faced with various problems and is almost the collapse of such witness regarding technological, but his talent helped to slightly straighten the path of this wounded giant.

He was primarily responsible for that Motorola you have abandoned your operating system, to adopt Android, but since that decision it’s been three years, that and the best image that now enjoys this manufacturer, thanks to large terminals such as the Droid and its Xoom tablet, which although very good, yet is something misunderstood as not enjoying good sales.

Therefore, Sanjay Jha thought that good idea would be to tell your vision on the future of smartphones. According to the CEO of Motorola, the thought that smartphones will be the best computer, Media Player and camera that you can have.

Currently not so far removed from reality, since the extensive use that given this type of terminals is impressive, now imagine in a few years, even though it will not replace desktop computers, well can give you fight low-cost portable.

From the hardware point of view, we find the key to this development in the designs of processors ARM, that you do not stop improving performance, without neglecting the autonomy. Proof of this are the four main dual-core, authentic laptops, phones that connected to the big screen are great players, and with impressive camera for its size.

Just imagine, if now these portable devices have become essential, as it will be in a few years. That’s why I really like the way of thinking of this Executive, perhaps to RIM or even to Nokia someone could use with the vision of this man.