MobilePay Rearms, Samsung Follows up on Criticism and Test of LG-Flagship

Here you can get a quick and simple overview of some of the biggest stories from the week that was.

The week’s most-read news provides MobilePay, Samsung and Chinese OnePlus for.

Danske Bank deploys their MobilePay payment solution yet wider, giving more options to pay with your phone.

MobilePay rearms with chic QR-codes
Danske Bank makes mobile purchases even easier by introducing payment through QR codes placed on everyday products.

Pay with MobilePay in all 261 Rema 1000 stores
Retail chain Rema 1000 overtakes Danish supermarket before about and offers mobile payments with MobilePay before the summer recess in all 261 stores.

Samsung latest topmobil, Galaxy S6, get scratches in the paintwork due to their covers. A problems as the South Korean giant now examine more closely.

Samsung is examining the problem with scratches in Galaxy S6 Edge
A closer look at the problem with a Samsung Clear View-cover for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, which creates visible scratches in the screen.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus brews on a replacement for their cheap self-proclaimed ‘ flagship kills ‘. The first leak looks promising.

OnePlus 2 shows impressive results in speed tests
The second generation of the smart phone OnePlus will be equipped with powerful processor that scores just as well as Samsung Galaxy S6.

Weekly tests and reviews

Sony Smartwatch 3 SWR50-Active and watchful smart clock
Smart clock according to Sony rates on exercisers in need of smart features. It is not a stupid idea.

Canon Powershot G7 X: When usability and razor-sharp quality meet
Canon’s PowerShot G7 X compact camera is user friendly to your fingertips and takes great photos on the go

Motorola Moto G (2nd gen): middle class budget mobile
Motorola demonstrates once again that the wallet must not be deprived of all liquid funds in favor of the new smartphone

LG G4-unique camera and leather that lures
LG has two goals with the flagship G4: to bring new materials and an excellent camera for consumers.Mission accomplished.