Microsoft and HTC Join Forces to Revive The Sales of Windows Phone Training Vendors

There was a time in which Microsoft It dominated the Smartphone market, past tenses in which a sort of Windows 3.1 with multi-tasking boasted of their characteristics in the professional ranges. Who would have thought that a few years later would be at the tail of the market, looking for the opportunity to resurface and training vendors to revive its sales worldwide.

Achim Berg, Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone Marketing He believes with certainty that Microsoft will claim their lost territory, in fact he thinks that predictions that place Windows Phone with 20% of the world market in 2015 are down and must be overcome. Is it obvious why it works in the area of Marketing with these goals so utopian.

To overcome this market share, have started a career of training vendors worldwide, initiative HTC clearly supports to promote its catalogue of products equipped with Windows Phone, that it placed it as the number one device manufacturer with Microsoft’s system in the world.

The President of HTC Europe,Florian Seiche, supports this decision because “ see that Windows Phone is getting a tremendously positive response from consumers ”. Achim Berg is not overwhelmed, knows that this is a background race and that “ the market took their time with Android, IOS and will also do so with Windows Phone & #8221;, It is just a matter of knowing that have “ the phone faster and more easy to handle & #8221;.

After this display of optimism of Achim Berg, went down a little in the land of neutrality and objectivity, and although the future of Windows Phone is promising, and Microsoft has already shown that it is Fund broker on other systems (the Xbox phenomenon since its birth is worthy of study, they departed from nowhere and where they are today), is currently all uncertainty where Nokia you will have much to say. Two Allied giants that can resurface by reversing a trend, or drag to the bottom of the seas which Atlantis. Only time will give or take away reasons to Achim Berg.