Meizu: Cheaper Tablet PC to Work?

Friends cheaper Android Smartphones from the far East pass barely manufacturer Meizu. The Chinese company brought a powerful and affordable mobile phone to launch with the Meizu Pro 6 this year and has more irons in the fire with the successor Pro 6 S and the M5. Who doesn’t shy away from using the import dealer, get a lot. Now, the manufacturer based in Guangdong could expand its portfolio to a Tablet PC that at least suggest current rumors on.


Pictures surfaced according to reports an official account of the manufacturer in the Chinese social network Weibo are circulating in China. He will carry the designation of Meizu blue charm tablet. Leaked pictures of Meizus Android Launcher Flyme OS on tablets increase the speculation. Even the lettering Flyme for Tablet emblazoned on one of the photos. Another shows a Flyme logo on the back of a tablet. According to our site, the device should have a 7.9-inch display. On board are also a physical home button and an outer shell made of metal.

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Well no upper class device

Whether these images indicate the forthcoming launch of Meizu tablets or whether the company is working only on a tablet version of Android Launcher, remains unclear. What is certain is: should the Meizu blue charm Tablet new hardware of the company behind, you do not expect better with an upper-class device. The blue charm series described only the cheap entry-level smartphones of manufacturer. A tablet of this category should therefore also rather rely on simple technology and a low price. There were rumors about a Meizu Tablet earlier, so enjoy the surfaced info until an official statement of the company with caution.