Major Cities in Colorado


According to Foodezine, Denver is an attractive city to visit because of the great sights and attractions. The city is located in the US state of Colorado. The city is generally one mile above sea level, which is why it has been nicknamed the “Mile High City”. Step back in time and visit Larimer Square. The city was built around this place. There are a number of historic homes dating back to 1885, but it remains one of the most vibrant neighborhoods you will find in Denver to this day.

It is convenient to rent a car to visit various attractions. The Red Rocks Park, for example, is a great choice. Here you can take miles of walks and admire the beautiful rock formations. The Rocky Mountains can also be seen from here. The Rocky Mountains National Park is only 1.5 hours away. Once you arrive you will find yourself in the wilderness. Here it is also possible to admire all kinds of wild animals. There is another option for people who don’t dare. The Denver Zoo is modeled on an African landscape and features over 700 different animal species.


Colorado belongs to the United States. The capital of Colorado is Denver. Here you can find a mix between the wild west and modern society. Colorado’s major festivals are held here year-round. A few hours away is Aspen. It is known here for the rich and famous people who stay here during their holidays and weekends in winter. It’s about seeing and being seen. In addition, the most beautiful winter sports areas that you will encounter in America can be found.

The Aspen Highlands offers you the most fantastic ski slopes. The view from the top is unparalleled. The shops, cafes and places to stay complete the Highlands. It is a must for the ski enthusiasts. The Maroon Bells is also beautiful. This landscape is perfect for walkers. The view of the mountains and the surrounding area gives a soothing feeling during your walk. Taking pictures is definitely a good idea here. You also have the option to walk through the woods and along a nice creek, but this depends on the hiking trails you choose. Colorado is a beautiful, large state. You can explore the state during your vacation by renting a car. It is recommended to plan your route in advance, because there are many places of interest.


Durango is a city in the US state of Colorado. Durango is a quintessential old mining town full of Victorian saloons and tree-lined streets. The historic downtown area is home to small shops, bars and restaurants, as well as theaters, galleries and live music venues. The Durango area is diverse. The red sandstone cliffs of the Ani-mas River Valley are close to town, as are the jagged peaks of the San Juan Mountains.

Durango is an ideal base from which to visit Mesa Verde National Park. Located about a 40-minute drive east of the city, the park was the site from which an entire Anasazi civilization inexplicably vanished in the 13th century. Locations where the Anasazi lived can be seen throughout the park. The Chapin Mesa Archaeological Museum in the park has exhibits about the ancient civilization. You can rent a car to take a trip to Vallecito Lake, north of Durango. It is an ideal location for fishing, boating and hiking, but it is also possible to hunt deer and moose with fully equipped guides.

Denver International Airport

When you think of the city of Denver in the American state of Colorado, cowboys and the wild west quickly come to mind. This is partly true, but nowadays the city has more to offer. It starts at the airport where you arrive. This is very impressive and there is already the possibility to rent a car. The Denver Mint is quite a special attraction. Coins are still minted here and you can even take a tour and learn about the process.

For those who like to shop, the 16th Street Mall is a must. This is a long shopping street where you can shop and walk. When you are done shopping, you can walk down the street and you will arrive at Lower Downtown. Here it is possible to rest your feet in a restaurant or cafĂ©, because there are plenty of them. It’s a fun pastime, but for the real thing you’d better head to the Mall if you want to shop.

Denver International Airport