Macbook Pro 2016: Users Can Log Keyboard Problems

Error when playing back media, graphic problems and now resentment is spreading again: reports of defective keyboard on the macbook Pro are piling in the Apple forums 2016. Affected seems to be especially the 15-inch model. Owner log jammed and crunching keyboard elements and fret about not or incorrectly-responsive keys.

Opinion is pending

Pending a statement on the part of Apple. There could be that the keyboard mechanism established under the name Butterfly failed his service through dirt. Previously, Apple on his macbook Pro models had put on a different technology. For reasons of space, the manufacturer took over the mechanics used previously only for the 12-inch macbooks now but also for the particularly flat Pro variants. Is: users should be given the exorbitant prices for Apple’s precious laptop little enthusiastic about, again technical problems deal with to have to.

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Not the first problems

In the official Apple Forum and various other online communities reports on new macbook Pro graphics problems piled up shortly after delivery of the first devices : The use of photo – and video applications raises display errors that manifest themselves in wild flickering and artifact formation and in the worst case resulted in the crash of the system. A restart of the computer apparently only temporarily provides relief. Believed the reports, are all models of the new series equally affected devices with an Intel-IRIS graphics chip as well as the variants with a Radeon Pro graphics card have the faulty behavior on.

Driver problem or hardware failure?

Obvious would be a driver problem that would be also and more desirable variant, because the solution through a software update to bring here. A hardware defect is also conceivable. Some users suspect that the cooling system of the very flat calculator for the failures could be responsible. Apple did not comment yet on the issues. Given the high number of complaints circulating on the net is likely did not last long let them wait on themselves. Reported in a survey of our site nearly 2,000 users, to have problems with their new macbook Pro.