Logoisk, Belarus

Belarus is often compared with Switzerland due to the similarity of nature and climate. Pieces of the Alps are literally scattered throughout the country. But there is one place, which, if I may say so, is the very, very Switzerland.

This is Logoisk, a ski resort near Minsk. Ecology, nature, infrastructure of the resort are practically not inferior to the best European standards. Here is the first ski sports and recreation complex in the history of the country. See JIBIN123 for Belarus customs regulations and visa requirements.

How to get to Logoisk

Logoisk is located 35 km from Minsk. It is very easy to get to the complex by car: leaving Minsk along the M-3 highway and after 30 km drive off at the junction. Minibuses Minsk – Logoisk also go through the resort. Departure every 20 minutes from the parking lot at the Dana-Mall shopping center (Petra Mstislavets St., 9) opposite the National Library, travel from 3 BYN. Prices on the page are for July 2021.

Suburban buses No. 251 and 350 stop next to the complex (stop “GSOK” Logoysk “”).


As such, there is no permanent transport in the resort. Tourists cover distances on foot. To whom uphill – on the lifts. True, you can call a taxi that will take you anywhere in the village or to another city.

Logoisk Hotels

With hotels in the resort, things are like this: there is one hotel and 9 chalets. The hotel has 24 rooms – from standard doubles to junior suites. The rooms are equipped with everything you need, including internet.

Chalet houses are a more interesting option. They combine Belarusian flavor and increased comfort. Chalets create a kind of homely atmosphere when you feel cozy and comfortable. In soft slippers and with satellite TV.

The cost of living in Logoysk is as follows: a double room in a hotel costs from 35 BYN per night, a chalet (for 4 people) – 70 BYN.

Ski passes and slopes

There are 5 illuminated trails in Logoisk with a total length of more than 3.5 km, designed for different levels of training. Elevation difference – 82 m. Extreme trails No. 4 and 5 are suitable for beginners, Nos. 1-3 – for more advanced amateurs. All slopes are serviced by a chair lift. Near the route number 4 there is a training slope with a drag lift.

The trails are maintained in excellent condition with a snow cannon. Beginners getting used to alpine skiing can wallow on the training slope. A special joy for tourists is the fun tubing attraction “Merry Cheesecake” – you rush down the slope at great speed in an inflatable tire. Other attractions include a rope town, paintball and volleyball courts, and a mini-football field.

The ski pass includes the use of the chair lift, the use of the pistes, the snow park, the snowboard cross track and the training slope. The price includes insurance.

1 lift costs 7 BYN. A ski pass for 1/2/3 hours will cost 14/18/21 BYN on weekdays and 23/29/31 BYN on weekends. A ski pass for the whole day costs 38 BYN on weekdays and 56 BYN on weekends. For children under 12 years old, the price is 2 times lower.

Evening rides on Friday and Saturday from 22:00 to 2:00 cost 25 BYN.

Rental and instructors

In Logoysk, you can rent both skiing kits (skis, boots, poles or snowboard plus boots), as well as individual items of equipment. For a full set, they ask 10/12/14 BYN for 1/2/3 hours and 21 BYN for the whole day. Weekends are 3-5 BYN more expensive. Equipment for night skiing will cost 17 BYN per set.

An hour of individual lessons with an experienced instructor costs 55 BYN, in a group of 4 people – 25 BYN.

Cuisine and restaurants of Logoysk

The resort has one restaurant. It is called “Gascinny Maentak”. The owners are betting on Belarusian cuisine. In fact, do not feed tourists with hamburgers.

You can choose a table both inside the restaurant and on the outdoor terrace. From here, as in the palm of your hand, the resort is perfectly visible. The interior of the restaurant is made in folk style with national utensils, which creates an atmosphere of Belarusian identity.

You can come here with your family, company or even order a large corporate party. The restaurant has 3 halls: the restaurant hall itself, a banquet hall and a bistro. The bistro will cook faster and take a little.

Entertainment and attractions

These sights belong to the city of Logoisk, part of which is a famous resort complex.

Church of St. Casimir

This is a Catholic church built on the site of the church of St. Casimir destroyed in the middle of the 20th century. It is located on the left bank of the Gaina River.

The Church of St. Casemir was founded at the beginning of the 17th century. The church operated for three centuries until it was dismantled during the Soviet era. In the 90s of the last century, the city authorities transferred the land where the building was located to the Roman Catholic Church. Thus, the church was restored.

3 things to do in Logoisk

  1. Riding on a night track is a special pleasure. At night, the senses are sharpened, so the feeling of skiing will be completely different. Of course, you will not descend in pitch darkness, but visibility will still be significantly reduced.
  2. Get on a night drift – in the summer of 2012, racing competitions were held in Logoisk, as well as an exhibition of sports cars. An interesting show with swimming in the pond and barbecue.
  3. Celebrate a national holiday – for example, Maslenitsa is celebrated on a grand scale in Logoysk. Folk festivals capture the entire resort. There is enough snow, circuses and pancakes for the whole week.

St. Nicholas Church

On the right bank of the Gaina is the Orthodox St. Nicholas Church, built in the middle of the 19th century. This is a fairly spacious building – the temple can be visited by 700 people at the same time. The ancient icon of the Logoisk Mother of God is kept in the church. The walls of the temple were painted by famous icon painters from Sergiev Posad.

Logoisk astrobleme

It turns out that a meteorite fell not far from Logoisk, and the energy from its explosion exceeded the power of an atomic bomb by 10,000 times. This happened about 40 million years ago. A crater with a diameter of 15 km was formed at the site of the fall.

Scientists have found that the fall of the meteorite coincides in time with the global extinction of marine species on Earth. It turns out that the Belarusians indirectly influenced the evolution. On the ground, the crater cannot be seen. Its outlines can only show photographs from space.

Logoisk, Belarus