LG G4-Unique Camera and Leather That Lures [Test]

Review-LG has two goals with the flagship G4: to bring new materials and an excellent camera for consumers. Mission accomplished.

When LG designer topmobiler is it with enthusiasts in mind. The South Korean Samsung-rival is not afraid to try new features and formats of, and generally to try alternative solutions to the rest of the mobile industry.And often there will be interesting solutions out of it – accompanied by a sharp pricing.

LG’s latest flagship called short and sweet G4 and follows in its predecessors’ footsteps-except the price.How LG’s G, G2 and G3 previously undercut competitors lands in the same high price segment almost G4 as the most expensive mobile phones.

To justify the high price rates, however, on good selling points: LG the screen is big and bright, the camera is ambitious and a new leather finish gives topmobilen a shot’s nobility as expected in a topmobil anno 2015.

But is it enough to convince buyers in a field dominated by Apple and Samsung’s respective mobile hits? Our site investigates the matter.

Specifications Of LG G4

Weights and measures: 148.9 x 76.1 x 6,3-9.8 mm, 155 grams
Screen: 5.5 “quad HD, 538 PPI
Performance: Snapdragon 808 hexa-core, 2 x 1.8 GHz + 4 x 1.5 GHz, 418-Adreno graphics chip
Camera: 16 MP, f/1.8 lens and 1/2.6 “sensor, optical image stabilization, 4 k video, laser focus, front camera 8 MP
Storage: 32 GB + microSD, + 100 GB Google Drive-skylagring
Battery: 3,000 mAh replaceable battery
Network: 2 g, 3 g and 4 g (Cat 6 LTE)
Software: Android Lollipop 5.1 and LG UX 4.0
Moreover: Smart Notice and Bulletin, Quickshot
Price: From 4,799.0-us.


Are you into small, slick cell phones that can easily be hidden in your back pocket, you can skip the rest of this review. LG G4 is a great, great mobile. As with G3 G4 puts itself in the borderland between normal telephones and the so-called phablets, units in size and ambition are approaching real tablets.

At the same time, G4 has grown slightly in both height and width, while the corners are drawn sharper up – what exactly does that G4 is not nearly as simple to operate securely with one hand. But do you have a penchant for large displays, LG G4 certainly worth to look at.

A wealth of opportunities

But first the outer. LG G4 comes in many shades of plastic or leather, but will look the same when you see it from the front, the differences lie in the removable back cover. Which you choose will mean a part of how your phone is experienced.

Of course plastic is cheaper Variant. It is characterised by a tile-like finish which will certainly want to share water. On the one hand, similar to the nearest pottery in its white version, which is an exciting look. But at the same time awakens the flashbacks to Samsung’s hyperglossy plastic from 3-4 years ago – a reunion which I really is in addition to any time. Morale must be that you must see it alive before you buy.

Personally, I am most attracted to LG’s leather indtrukne back cover. As it resting there on the table, there is undeniably a certain elegance of electronics in leather vest.

But also here it is not insignificant which edition you choose. Do you prefer a leather texture which can clear eyes from a distance, it is the otherwise austere black variant you must choose. Are you more to smooth skins, the red and Brown version is obvious. Those minted in addition of gold-colored buttons on the back.

In order to acquire you G4 in leather premium sounds at five hundred dollars – it sounds a little drastic for a what is actually seen is 15×7 cm leather wrapped around a plastic shell, but invests you in leather variant, you get an additional gold-cover in plastic with in trade.

Seen from the front is the many different versions of LG G4 not to distinguish from each other. Here is a large 5.5 inch display surrounded by what looks like dark chrome, but as with a closer inspection shows it only to be plastic. Here I annoys me a little over that LG is not included with the competitors, all of which have long since moved on to noble metal-and glass constructions.

G4 inherits while LG’s curved back, where it is thickest in the middle and sliding into some narrow edges.It provides a comfortable grip, backed by LG’s innovative placement of the volume and power buttons: in the middle of the back, just below the camera. It takes a few days of getting used to, but ends up with that make sense for the buttons fall naturally under your index finger.

The curved design continues in the screen as crumbs lightly, leaving a small cavity at a few millimeters when the phone facing down. It makes the G4 not resting directly on the screen with Gorilla Glass 3 protection and give it a good protection to the screen.


New screen, new technology

The actual touch-screen is a joy to use. As with its predecessor G3 gets you a cinema screen in Pocket format, but the new technology behind the display panel promises the experience a thank you closer to the sky.

LG calls his new display of Quantum IPS. Marketing the term refers to a panel which now shows 20% wider colour spectrum and 50% greater contrast. It is welcome, because even though the G3 was notable for being first with razor-sharp Quad HD for the masses, came the extremely high resolution at the expense of colour quality, brightness and contrast.

It has LG booth at now, and your movies and photos with rich colors and pampers now retina excellent contrast. However, the display is not absolutely perfect, wandering you outdoors is still a tad under the brightness from the market’s best from Samsung and Apple.

On the back it is a single speaker who delivers a surprisingly high sound pressure levels. The rumbling and scratchy, however, and generally promises the impression if one or two thank you screwed down on the volume scale. As with most mobile phones are you again best served with the included headset to listen to music or movies in a long time.

G4 belongs to a (sadly) dying breed of mobile phones where you can continue to change the battery out and expand the storage space. But with 32 GB of storage onboard and a large 3,000 mAh battery is the need for expansion, however, is not so necessary as that of its predecessor.

Power with the most

In the engine compartment you will find the market’s newest chip, Snapdragon 808. Technically, it is a younger brother of 810-variant with its eight cores, for now it only gets 6 cores to dispose of.

Both in practice and in the benchmark-apps, there are only marginal differences to track. With the latest version of Android (5.1) and 3 GB of RAM onboard misses G4 rarely an intercompany accounting. It feels like a topmobil.

The large display, of course, puts up for multitasking, a task which LG G4 copes with profit when exchanged between games, videos and other apps. Only real art breaks occur when larger applications start up – here Samsung and Apple’s newest both a tad faster.

Compared to Android rivals follows LG G4 with on the battery front – without having to impress. I experienced the typical one to one and a half day’s use, but the experience at the same time that games can drain flow inaccuracies quickly.

Racer you round in complex 3-d games like Asphalt 8 you will experience that the 3,000 mAh large battery will checking out after 3 ½ hour. A mediocre result it shares with HTC One M9 or G Flex 2, and at the same time, a proof that Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon processors is not nearly as energy efficient in game like previous generations.

LG bypasses however the problem by offering two power-saving settings, one for 3D games and one for general use. Both neddrosler mechanics, but G4 has fortunately such a large power reserve, that it remains fully usable.

When current is run out, you can get started quickly again. G4 support for Quick-Charge 2.0 which thoughts respectively 30% and 60% power on one half and one full hour. A full refueling rounded on just under 2 hours.

On antenna front is very good with G4. It supports the fastest 4 g-tape and maintains willingly connection during talk – even under difficult network conditions.


Software in need of fine-tuning

Where LG last year offered a welcome re-design of software in G3, is the evolution of years more contained. Software is of course updated to the newest version of Android Lollipop, but visually LG maintains many of the ideas from 2014.

They meet again by recurring geometric theme, with alternating round and square elements. It is a simple, flat look, but certain details do, that the overall impression is not working integrated.

For example, there seems to be no clue between the design and the location where notification menu alternates between LG’s and Google’s design language, which ends with a messy impression.

At the same time, the interface imbued with click and drop-sounds that attract the attention of bad luck.Fortunately, Android a flexible control system, and it’s easy to customize LG’en with sound and appearance to suit a.

LG’s largest software-strength is therefore not designed, but must instead be found in the many functions. Most eye-catching is LG’s Smart bulletin widget which both keeps track of everything from weather forecasts, calendar appointments, runaway apps. Apart from these, the relevant notifications are generated. It works generally well, but overlaps at the same time, a part of Google’s own personal assistant, Google Now.

A large screen offers many options that LG makes sure that you get the best out of. LG makes it as easy to share the screen into two Windows. Multi-tasking button brings up a multi-window setting forth, so for example, you can have both the Chrome browser and Gmail open simultaneously. Very usable.

I have also been pleased with the ability to add navigation buttons, including one that will get notification the curtain. It is much easier and faster than having to stretch your thumb totten all over the big screen.

LG offers at the same time on a universal remote to control the home’s facilities and Tvs. Something that evolves to be a rarity.


Amazing camera options

For publication laid great emphasis on LG camera and its virtues-for good reason. LG ekviperer for G4 with the tools and hardware that will delight all from family photographers for Avid enthusiasts.

It starts with a flexible camera app that provides varying degrees of control over the features. It should be straightforward, you can choose the simple mode, where you just need to point and shoot. Then you can get more control in the Basic setting, where multiple features like HDR, panorama and format choice will be available.

Finally comes the manual mode for enthusiasts. Here are all the conceivable options represented. You get ISO, manual focus, exposure, shutter speed, RAW and more to play with, giving you full control over the photo process.

The app then supported by a 16-megapixel sensor, which share dimensions and specifications of Samsung’s excellent camera in Galaxy S6. However, their South Korean rival LG outbids with an f/1.8 lens that gathers more light when it is scarce indoors or at night.

Not only that, so far, leads LG its laser diode, which assists with focus, and improves the optical beetle destabilisation which now is twice as effective as in G3. It results in better videos and better-looking photos when the light is in short supply.

The many measures does G4 to a true champion to night photos-a discipline that most camera phones suffers. Exposure is spot on, the colors are natural and the details are crisp, even Samsung’s current specialist, Galaxy S6, must see it beaten here. G4 is the phone you want to include in the nightlife.

In daylight becomes photos and video from LG’s new fashion model is also impressive. It offers a level of detail that surpasses the market other camera phones – even those with 20 megapixel onboard.

However, I have a little appeal with after treatment It seems to have a penchant for highly saturated and contrasty colours. It gives great results, but it can also give a little surreal colors and clouds that burns out.Here I prefer Samsung and Apple’s more nuanced and natural output.

Are you ferm for photo editing, you can temporarily even rectify it. G4 can take RAW photos, a digital negative in DNG format, which you can induce in e.g. Photoshop. It gives you ample opportunities to pull the best possible photo out of your mobile – and you see the moment as you just need to perpetuate in poster format, is the way forward.

We are against the G4 ‘s video quality is LG again at the forefront. The effective stabilization ensures good, useful results – regardless of whether you’re shooting in Full HD, 4 k or in slow-motion HD.

In the very finest 4 k option selects a higher compression, SELECT this time which lowers the quality of relationship Galaxy S6 or Sony’s Xperia Z3, but at the same time, it removes some of the anguish with lack of space for now can you squeeze a 5-minute recording on 1 GB of storage space.

Turning you phone, hear the Tower high resolutions not up. Front camera serves up 8 vidvinklede megapixels, allowing selfies extra bite. It should, however, be too revealing with detailed renderings of the facial pores and any pimples, featuring LG at the same time on a lot of image retouching. Both ‘live’ and in the gallery app.


Buy it for the leather and the camera

With the LG G4 continues the South Korean information technology giant G-series safely ahead, with better performance, display and functions. LG introduces at the same time, a few small revolutions in the unique camera and with the unique finish in leather Variant.

At the same time, it is now a little irritated that LG will not get improved operating times. It’s like last year is acceptable, but a step backward compared to LG’s biggest hit, LG G2. In the meantime, all the competitors bet hard on exclusive materials that awakens the ejerglæden ahead of Apple, Samsung, Sony and HTC owners.

Pre-order your LG G4 today will the price sounds respectively 4,799.0 and 5,499.0-crowns of plastic and leather Variant. Thus, the price crept part up compared to the previous generations, and that is why LG is not near as strong as they did then G2 made his debut for just 3,499.0-crowns.

But do you want a camera in a League of its own and is passionate about leather look, you should strongly consider LG’s G4. We therefore on lands 5 out of 6 stars.