LG G4-Questions and Answers

FAQ: here we follow up on readers’ questions and responses on LG’s latest flagship: G4.

LG’s fourth flagship in G-series has come through our site test machinery. Here mark-the great phone with an excellent display, an exciting leather design and a great camera.

As yet another link in the our site test, we gather up the questions and comments that have come to the notification and G4 in General.

Are there questions or details you would like to be informed, please write them in the comment box, so our site will follow up on them below.

How sit LG’s accessory-covers on G4? Unplug one parabola is to cover the back or outside?
LG offers several types of covers, in both plastic and leather, also offers LG both flip covers and covers with Wireless charging. These mounted all over the existing back cover.

How is the battery life compared with Samsung S6?
Very comparable. None of them really shines in this area, but G4 seems to have better standby time, but does not hold nearly as well on stream during 3D gaming. With the Samsung, however, follows a quick charger with S6 that lets almost twice as quickly, which often are quite practical.

Leather cover will be quickly worn in the corners?
That’s not to say yet. Our test version still looks like new after more than a week’s use. We will follow up on it about a month or two when it hopefully becomes more clearly whether the leather ages gracefully, or will be ugly and worn.