Israel Interesting Facts

Israel’s environmental problems are lack of water and overpopulation. The first inhabitants of the territory of Israel were Neanderthals 75 thousand years ago. Israel uses the Jewish calendar.

The first thing upon arrival in Israel is to solve the problem of movement. Of course, the bus will be cheaper, but the car opens up the opportunity to see more and more interesting places to visit. Renting a car in Israel will cost from $30 per day.

Once in Israel, tourists immediately fall under the watchful eye of the security service, which is considered one of the most effective in the world. The check is carried out very carefully and causes indignant bewilderment of the guests of the country. Such methods in Israel are considered standard screening procedures. It is better to spit on their orders and take it calmly, save time and save your nerves. The mood, of course, can deteriorate, but do not forget that each country has its own oversights and treat this with condescending contempt.

The State of Israel was established in the Land of Israel, on land bequeathed by Jewish tradition to the people of Israel.
This land is the birthplace of Jesus, the Christian messiah, and here the Muslim prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven. Jesus was born in the Land of Israel during the years of Roman rule. In the IV century AD. The land of Israel began to gradually turn in the minds of the masses into the Holy Land and, accordingly, a center of pilgrimage. Numerous churches and monasteries were erected in the Land of Israel, where stones and shrines from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and the Church of the Nativity in Beit Lehem (Bethlehem) were kept.

In 640 AD, the Land of Israel was invaded by the army of Caliph Omar. The Arab conquest marked the beginning of the period of Muslim rule in the Land of Israel. Then the process of mutual influence of cultures and religions began. In the Muslim tradition, Jerusalem was regarded as a holy city, since it was in Jerusalem that the prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven. If at the beginning of Muslim rule, the Arab authorities allowed Christians to enter Jerusalem, then starting from the 11th century, entry into Jerusalem for Christians was prohibited, and therefore Pope Urban II called on the knights of Europe to go on a crusade to liberate the shrines of Christians and holy places from under Muslim rule.

But the power of the Crusaders in Israel did not last long: in 1187, the troops of the Knights Templar were defeated by the troops of the Sultan of Egypt and Syria, who established Mamluk power there. The land of Israel has become a remote, unimportant place in the backyard of the Ottoman Empire.

According to DENTISTRYMYTH, the turning point in the modern history of the Land of Israel was the Middle Eastern or Egyptian campaign of Napoleon to the East. His arrival in the Holy Land reopened the eyes of Europeans to the significance, strategic and economic importance of this land area. Numerous pilgrims began to arrive in the country along with Jewish emigrants. In 1948, the sovereign State of Israel was formed, which arose at the junction of continents and seas, empires and peoples, today it is a bizarre and picturesque mixture of cultures and traditions.

The shops: They work daily from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 19.00. Department stores and shopping centers are open without interruption. Shops at hotels are open until late in the evening. On Fridays and the eve of Jewish holidays, shops close at approximately 2:00 pm.

Traffic on the roads: International road signs are introduced here. Car rental companies accept both an international driver’s license and a license issued by another country, printed in English or French, or issued by a country that recognizes an Israeli license. Driving license in any other language must be accompanied by a Hebrew proof.

Important little things:
Mains voltage 220V. At the reception in hotels you can get an adapter for electrical appliances.

Kosher Food: The so-called kosher (clean) cuisine uses food prepared according to the laws of kosher, i.e. fit for food in terms of Jewish religious tradition. As a rule, hotels and most restaurants serve kosher food, but there are cafes and restaurants where food is not kosher.

Saturday: the culminating moment of the week and the highest holiday throughout the year is “Shabbat” (Saturday). According to Jewish tradition, the Sabbath begins at sunset on Friday and ends at sunset on Saturday. According to Jewish tradition, on Saturday (the day of rest and prayer), all work is prohibited. During this time, many restaurants, some cinemas and other public places are closed, and public transport does not work. Only private cars and taxis drive around the city.

A new shekel equal to 100 agorot. You can bring an unlimited amount of foreign currency to Israel. In any bank in Israel, you can open an account in Israeli currency or a special account in foreign currency. Foreign currency can be exchanged for shekels at any commercial bank. Reverse exchange of shekels for foreign currency is possible at the same branch of the bank upon presentation of a receipt for the exchange for shekels.

Tourists are exempt from paying tax (16%) on most tourist services paid in foreign currency. This includes accommodation and meals in a hotel, excursions, car rental, flights within the country, etc. Tourists who buy a certain category of goods from stores recommended by the Ministry of Tourism are entitled to a special discount and tax refund at the points of departure. You should ask in advance how the amount of tax is reimbursed in the stores where you buy goods.

The resort of Eilat is a tax-free zone on purchases.

Israel Interesting Facts