HTC Kingdom, HTC Rider and HTC Doubleshot, Three New Beasts Leaked HTC Android

HTC never stops launch terminals of all types and range is the time of year that is. In what if emphasis is to launch terminals with Android OS, as seems to be occurring again this time.

They have appeared, thanks to the always generous private sources that swarm across the network, evidence pointing to the existence of up to three new models HTC with Android, we are talking about the future Kingdom HTC, HTC Rider (the HTC EVO 3D European) and HTC Doubleshot. You know very little about them, but we have, from the little sharp images, pretty compelling details to believe in its existence.

The HTC Kingdom (the image on the left) would be a high-end terminal. Apparently will be with a 540 × 960 pixels qHD display of resolution. This terminal will be actually similar, as it appears the image, to the Droid HTC Thunderbolt, by which we could be talking even of its version with dual core processor. Image appears on the Amazon Kindle for Android application, running from what is quite clear that the terminal will feature such a system (perhaps with Android 2.3 version or any higher).

The HTC Rider (than the image on the right) may you be the joy that many are waiting for these lands, since, given the similar showing on the picture to the HTC EVO 3D, we could be talking of the European version of the terminal, something completely logical, since the HTC EVO 3D should appear earlier that evening for Europe, adapting, that Yes, networks and features that we use on this side of the pond.

Of the HTC Doubleshot only the name and number of the specifications have been leaked, but also look very good. The terminal will feature a display of 480 × 800 pixels of resolution. Another couple of interesting details of the Doubleshot HTC would be the incorporation of a physical QWERTY keyboard and the use of Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Apparently, all new phones mentioned they incorporated the new HTC Sense interface of series. We will inform you about the new details that they arrive us about these interesting Taiwanese brand smartphones.