HTC Changing Chief After Weak Years

The Taiwanese company HTC was one of the pioneers in smart phones with the Google system Android. Slumping but the sales for several years. Now there are personnel consequences.

The Smartphone supplier HTC by changing the head after many years of heel problems. The Chairman of the Board Chief Cher Wang takes the lead

of the previous top managers Peter Chou. He will stay in the Group and will guide the future laboratory, the company announced on Friday.

HTC has to struggle with weak sales for several years. Most recently, the company response announced also the entry into the business action cameras, fitness bands with 3D glasses for the representation of virtual worlds. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona HTC unveiled earlier this month also the new smartphone top model one M9, which received good reviews.

Wang wrapped up already have in recent years increasingly in business operations, so that Chou could care for product development, HTC said. Now was been decided formally to record that. “I know the company, I know the people and I have a vision,” said the 56-year old Wang in a Bloomberg interview. “I think that I am the best candidate.” She have proposed to itself for the post.

HTC, a former contract manufacturer, was among the first providers of Android smartphones. 2011 HTC was the largest provider of smartphones in the US market even temporarily, then a descent began under the pressure of competition from Samsung Galaxy devices and Apple’s iPhone, however. In addition, the competition of Chinese manufacturers such as Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE and Xiaomi became stronger.

According to the report from WhereverSmartphone, in the past quarter, HTC smartphone made the first sales growth for about three years. The profit was at lean 470 million Taiwan dollars (currently approximately EUR 14 million).