HP TouchPad with Android, That Obscure Object of Desire

A few days ago we could learn of the catastrophic news on the platform WebOS property of HP, announcing that they decided leave the platform with all its consequences, to one month low after being put into circulation its new smartphone HP Pre 3 and its first tablet HP TouchPad. This marriage between HP and the Palm platform has not lasted for a year and it seems that anything will be a divorce does not paint good.

His tablet, originally with WebOS, because of this fateful news, has been marketed in U.S. stores almost a price balance ($99 without taxes), so, out of the initial numbers, have managed to sell all stocks exhibited with that price. Curiously, the TouchPad processor is a Qualcomm, as we could see in a Honeycomb tablet, so the cry in the sky of We could put him an Android! It has not to wait and here are the consequences.

HP TouchPad with Android, a challenge for the developer community

The independent of Android developer community It is restless and ambitious, proof they are the countless occasions that have shown as skip limitations imposed by manufacturers or, also, as manage to optimize the chances of a device beyond the offered by the application or by the manufacturer.

As already happened previously with the ViewSonic tablet gTablet, perhaps the most economical tablet of the moment, the same thought with the TouchPad under your tremendous and circumstantial lowered price. If they managed to improve the gTablet, equipped with a not supported by Google, with a brand-new Honeycomb, Android why not do the same with the TouchPad and try to change your discontinued WebOS for Android vitamin-enriched and full of life?

In this case, the side has been released from the community of RootzWiki, where there is already a template for developers committed to the goal of putting an Android under the project’s name TouchDroid ‘ Android for the HP TouchPad & #8217;. The first step would be to get him a Android Gingerbread the Tablet, to subsequently improve it with a CyanogenMod 7 and finish with Honeycomb. Future cannot be ruled out that they continue with Ice Cream Sandwich when it becomes available.

On the other hand, from the blog of Hack N Mod we learned that is offering a reward for the first to get putting an Android the so-called Tablet and published proofs of code and screenshots. The final amount of the reward would be up to the 1500 dollars, arenga more than enough so that any group of developers put hands to work, beyond the reward by the mere fact of having been the first.

First evidence of Android in the HP TouchPad

It has all been very strange and there is still no explanation. The case is that it has a 32GB TouchPad reached the hands of a user, and this, instead of bringing the ubiquitous operating system WebOS, instead, brought an Android 2.2.1 Froyo inside, as if a Tablet not licensed by Google were.

In the video you can see, during startup, it appears logo you’s QuIC, that refers to Qualcomm Innovation Center. Then load an Ubuntu and then jump the start of Froyo. Rumor has it that it might be a development of Qualcomm unit but is not explanation to as it has been unable to reach the hands of this person.

There is no even verification that may be a rigged test, but photographs have appeared on Reddit about the same TouchPad with Android, which could corroborate the authenticity of the video. However it gives equal, because late or early, either through this filtration or through the developer community, Android will enter the TouchPad.


It seems a great waste as HP has been bygone platform WebOS, birthplace of people as Matías Duarte, who came out of the platform when it changed hands and that, fortunately, Google managed to sign so that it will work on improving the interface of Android and you will see the first visible results when it is presented Ice Cream Sandwich, perhaps long before the originally estimated date.

Yes, fortunately, you are one of those privileged with an HP TouchPad in your hands, we’d like to hear your general impressions of this desired tablet and also if you plan to migrate to Android when the Custom ROM available.