Google Nexus 7 Discussed in Their First Benchmarks

After the rumors become reality and Google has finally launched its own tablet, manufactured by Asus, but framed in the product line of the search engine such as Google Nexus 7 giant, many have been left with the fly behind the ear by the hardware, that has obviously been placed looking for maximum efficiency costs and not performance.

We have already seen in different videos to the device in operation, and although it seems that it is completely fluid, it good is to have numbers to verify that hardware works at the level of expected.

The guys at Engadget have been tested in a few benchmarks to the processor Tegra 3 underclockeado 1.2 GHz Google Nexus 7, and have also provided us with an effective comparison with the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the Transformer Pad Infinity.

How we see data, Google Nexus 7 sale not bad standing, rather the contrary, beating its two competitors in the majority of tests.

To point out, indicate that the Transformer Pad Infinity, a high-end device also created by Asus with one much higher price, was put to the test in performance mode, Although the Nexus 7 has managed to follow him perfectly. In spite of this, we need to keep in mind that the first one has one higher resolution, 1920 × 1200 to 1280 × 800 Nexus 7, which could tilt tests toward the side of the Google tablet undeservingly.

Before the Galaxy Tab 7.7 Samsung proof of you to you, and they are similar devices with a clear price difference, so the Google Nexus 7 much with Trump’s very important hardware optimization at a very good price.

Do you think you these results?