Force Touch and 2 GB of RAM: Thus We Hope That The IPhone 6s and 6s Plus

After the WWDC last June, another traditional appointment with Apple and everyone approaches. After you know the innovations that will bring iOS 9 and try the beta, the next thing is the presentation of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and both leaks and clues of betas code lets see give us an idea of what we can expect. This is aiming to be the next Apple flagships.

The Force Touch attention

What was one of the most striking additions in the new Macbook with respect to pre-existing computers is now more expected on upcoming phones from Apple. Rumors and leaks to part, Gurman has spoken, and by precedents is usually given the benefit of the reliability. A few days ago I detallábamos information from the editor about “Orb” and some other news software to wait.

Those 0.2 mm more

By precedent in “s” models do not expect changes in size, at least not of the screen diagonal. This time however if spoken that it is possible that the model 6s is somewhat thicker, especially after being filtered by @onleaks via 9to5MAc about renders made with CAD are attributed to this terminal, showing so-called higher thickness 0.2 mm.

This rumor is based on several aspects: Force Touch, battery and resistance. On the one hand, the implementation of the technology Force Touch, that would require a thicker than the current screen, namely 0.15 mm more 6s and 0.2 mm in the 6s Plus iPhone, iPhone which would fit with the difference between the dimensions of the current models and the so-called renderings.

More battery? Less?

Another hypothesis to justify the theoretical thickening of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is an increase of the battery. If we look at the precedents, in “s” models if he had said increase, trivial in the case of the 4 4s but about 400 mAh in the 5s 5.

Thus, Apple became the roll of dough to the 5s for get weight loss between 0.5 and 0.7 mm (as 6-6 Plus) and grow 0.7 to 1.5 inches, which apparently allowed that also increase the milliampere (1,560 mAh in the 5s to 1.810 mAh in the 6 plus 6 and 2,915 mAh). While in practice, in the case of the 6 does not appear to be sufficient and it would be reasonable that you give that increase.

However, if we add rumors, the theoretical 0.2 mm more than the renderings should be to Force Touch and the so-called rise of battery would have no impact on the thickness, Although not a few we’d like that if I had it, matching step the back surface with the camera (and this wasn’t lumpy).

However, on the other hand from a supposed battery leaked from 1,715 mAh, While the fact of reducing milliamps is bit far-fetched. At least for the 6s, since it suggests the news to a hypothetical 6 c, whose existence and release of time remain an uncertainty.

Resistance and fashion are not at odds

Other sources have suggested that prevention of the famous bendgate Apple may incorporate a stronger aluminum (series 7000, that of the Apple Watch). And when we talk about “microns”, a change thus could lead to a somewhat “thick” casing, although it would be imperceptible to the user.

What will remain are the “polemics” bands in the housing corresponding to the antenna, much criticized by the implications of the aesthetic (although this is in the taste of each). The reason for their presence is functional, so we will have iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with bands.

More rumored on the issue of appearance is to have pink model, or rather a pink gold, being the fourth together with the existing three (white, gold and gray space). From this, we also have the precedent of the 5s, that although there was a new color as such is ranged from black to grey.

A much loved integration as feared

Perhaps with iPhone 6s reach the end of “click” manage terminal. Despite being a drastic change, we saw that from DigiTimes is pointing to that I was working in the integration of the Home button on the panel so it was a virtual button on the screen, that Yes, remaining tracks Touch ID sensor.

Something hard to imagine in part by the complexity that would imply and face a “s” model, and a development which would not escape the controversy since the presence or absence of physical button is a constant debate on the advantages and disadvantages of face faults that can occur in both options and management.

In addition, recently went to light photographs of what the iPhone 6s panel and some other components, in which you can see that it would keep the current structure, so the rumor of this integration even lose more weight.

New layout and new chips

By images that are leaking alleged parts it can be deducted that there will be a reditribucion of the inner components, based on what he has seen of the shells and its view of the inside. A logical and necessary step if one adds Force Touch technology, and also considering the expected adding RAM going to finally 2 GB.

What we see in pictures it published of the so-called 9to5Mac base plate iPhone 6s is that it would incorporate the MDM9635M LTE chip from Qualcomm that supports speeds of up to 300 Mb/s down, and that it will contribute to energy savings. Points also the possibility to update the chip NFC and somewhat less, leaving a little more than occupy the new inner space.

Also expected to incorporate the A9 processor, whose feature to highlight is that construction of 14 NM and, despite occasional rumors with TSMC, it would come at the hands of Samsung.

iPhone 6 c Yes or no?

A few weeks ago joined that its release would not be in September, but by 2016, by not cannibalize the iPhone 6 and so could have a more modern processor.

However, just today another of the references that tend to be taken into account in terms of leaks, the count of @evleaks, aimed at a joint with the two flagships launch in September:

Sounds like iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and 6 c will all arrive concurrently.

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) August 11, 2015

However, it does not occur as with the first model of this range of Apple, the iPhone 5 c, and the flood of leaks and so-called image that was even the case has not be recurred. Therefore, there is not much to say about the possible specifications of the terminal.

Body and soul: iOS 9 will be the key

Obviously the new operating system is not designed only for the next new terminals but will be determining its optimization for improvements such as performance or battery is perceived by the end user, as well as improve the experience on existing devices. System we learned the news after his presentation at the WWDC 2015.

At the moment we don’t have the release date of the new terminal of iOS. Recently filtered the possible date of the presentation, which aims to be on September 9. On the placing on sale, and there is speculation about that could be the day 25 by a so-called mail of the company to Vodafone which indicated this date and day 18 for booking.