Finland’s Defense

Finland has a general duty of military service for men from the age of 18, with initial service of 165, 255 or 347 days, depending on the service for which the military service is being trained. Finland’s armed forces have 21,500 active personnel, as well as 2,700 personnel in a semi-military border guard. The reserve is 216,000 personnel, plus a reserve of 11,500 semi-military personnel (2018, IISS).

Army strength numbers are 15300 personnel active, of which 10,300 conscripts, and have a spare 170 000. Heavier material comprises 80 tanks of a Leopard 2A6, 212 armored vehicles and 613 armored personnel. In addition, the Army has seven light helicopters, 20 NH90 transport helicopters and eleven medium- heavy drones.

Finnish soldiers on drill in Sweden in 2019

The Air Force has a personnel strength of 2,700, of which 750 conscripts, and a reserve of 26 000. The materials comprising 62 fighter aircraft of type F / A-18C / D Hornet, 74 trainers which 45 Hawk training and light combat aircraft, one maritime patrol aircraft, one EK aircraft and ten light transport aircraft.

The Navy has a staff of 3,500, of which 1900 are conscripts, and a reserve of 20,000. The fleet comprises 20 patrol boats, 15 mine war vessels, 51 light-duty landings and seven logistics and auxiliary vessels.

The Border Guard has a personnel force of 2700 and a reserve of 11,500. Materials include 45 patrol boats, six landings, two light transport aircraft and 14 helicopters.

Finland is not a member of NATO

Finland is not a member of NATO, but participated in the Trident Juncture 2018 exercise in Norway.

Operations abroad

In 2018, Finland participated in NATO operations in Afghanistan (Operation Resolute Support) with 29 personnel, and in Serbia (KFOR) with 20 personnel.

In 2018, Finland participated in the UN operations in Lebanon (UNIFIL) with 300 personnel, in Mali (MINUSMA) with four personnel and in the Middle East (UNTSO) with 18 observers.

In addition, Finland had deployed 100 personnel in Iraq (Operation Inherent Resolve).