Experience the Whole of Sweden

Swedes are a people who like to travel, explore new places and experience adventure. Many therefore travel abroad to experience magnificent nature, sun and swimming, culture, sports and outdoor holidays or city pulse. But you actually do not have to travel far for experiences, most things can be found in Sweden.

Nature experiences in Sweden

From southern to northern Sweden it is a distance of 160 km bird’s eye view, and both climate and nature vary. The mountains offer magnificent, frozen winter landscapes with white expanses, sometimes with sunshine that makes frozen twigs and snow-covered mountains sparkle. In the summer, the mountains offer other nature experiences with a view of desolate but at the same time flower-covered treeless peaks and here and there a rushing clear mountain stream, lemmings, birds and other wildlife.

In southern Sweden there are fantastic, mile-long sandy beaches. These are also found on the coast in the north, but southern Sweden usually statistically offers more bathing-friendly temperatures. If you want to get a real Mediterranean feeling, you can go to Gotland, which has a limestone-rich bedrock. The white ground gives a very special light that makes the sunsets absolutely fantastic and makes the sea turquoise blue. In the old limestone quarry Blue Lagoon, it is difficult to understand that you are in Sweden.

Large forests are found all over the country and here you can pick mushrooms, hike, pick berries, swim in forest lakes and just enjoy the tranquility while cooking over an open fire or in a trangia kitchen.

Sports and adventure

Nature in Sweden also offers many opportunities for sports and adventure; downhill skiing in the mountains and cross-country skiing, sometimes in almost all of Sweden but mostly in the north. Long-distance skating is another popular and exciting winter fun. Hiking has already been mentioned, but not only in the mountains, there are beautiful and well-groomed hiking trails throughout the country. Cycling is also excellent on cycle paths along the coast or e.g. on Gotland.

According to MYSTERYAROUND, there are many lakes and streams and several archipelagos in Sweden, which means that you can do everything from paddling to sailing, fishing and diving.

Adventure sports such as climbing, mountain biking, downhill cycling and more can also be practiced in nature.

Big city and culture

Even though Sweden has a lot and magnificent nature, there is also something for those who like big city pulse and culture. Sweden’s history is long and there is everything from ancient monuments from the Viking Age to modern architecture and design to experience. The big cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö offer music, art, fashion, hip cafés and world-class restaurants, in combination with both old and new architecture surrounded by water, park environments and nature not far from the city. Arts and crafts can also be found in other parts of Sweden, e.g. the world-famous glassworks in Småland, ceramics from different parts of the country, forging, textiles, sculpture, furniture and paintings.

Communications in Sweden

It is easy to get around Sweden. The road network has been expanded and maintained all the way from Smygehuk in the south to the most remote mountain world in the north. If you do not want to take the car, there are train connections and buses that reach all parts of the country. Domestic flights also reach many places in Sweden quickly and easily.

Before you look abroad to experience something special, you should therefore consider experiencing Sweden!

Experience the Whole of Sweden